Is US Intelligence Behind Efforts To Sink Lisbon?

The main campaigning body standing for a NO vote in the coming Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty is called Libertas. Libertas is financed and run by Declan Ganley an Irish billionaire. It is spending big, and seems to be gaining ground. Opinion polling in Ireland has a track record of being a little dubious to say the least, but polling and betting show that the outcome to this vote is not a foregone conclusion.

Who is Declan Ganley?

Indymedia carries the story of Ganley’s association with the US military, as follows –

This brings us on to Ganley’s latest venture, Rivada Networks. If his previous career led one to the suspicion that he must be awfully well connected with the intelligence community, Rivada proves it in spectacular fashion.

Rivada Networks provides ‘first responder’ communications networks to the intelligence community and emergencey services. According to their website blurb, their clients include “USNORTHCOM, the National Guard Bureau, DHS, FEMA, multiple states, and various state and local agencies”.

Basically, their products promise to allow the various intelligence and emergency services to talk to one another in situations where much of the normal communications infrastructure may have been destroyed or damaged. This falls broadly under the remit of the Department of Homeland Security. It is an extremely sensitive area for a number of reasons.

Firstly, it involves carrying confidential data between the various bodies that make up the US Intelligence Community. US intelligence bodies tend to be extraordinarily paranoid about the security of their electronic communications – achieving SIGINT dominance (signals intelligence, i.e. electronic snooping and counter-snooping) is the cornerstone of US intelligence strategy. The US intelligence agencies often refuse to share access to their data even with each other, never mind entrusting it to third parties. If they allow Ganley to carry their inter-agency communications, they must trust him an awful lot.

To see full article from Indymedia, click HERE

The Times profiles Declan Ganley with a denial of his US intelligence connections as being anything significant…mmmm. See link HERE.

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  1. kerdasi amaq says:

    I heard Brain Cowen yesterday saying how he expects a YES vote.

    All I could think was, he knows it’s a beaten docket.

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