Governments Fear Green Energy

One reason that new technology is so slow to break through is the fact that it’s organised by big business and government. Once people realise that they can take control of their own energy planning, the technology already exists to get rid of the oil companies, the power companies and the mass-produced car companies.

If Greens really want to be Green, they can just do it, like this guy is doing. He’s is generating his own power from the sun, and running his own car on the electricity he produces. No gasoline (petrol UK). No power bills. Just the cost of the capital investment.

Less talk, please and more action…just like this fellow. No wonder the government and big companies doesn’t really want green energy to get going. It would be the end of the era of the State and big companies controlling us. Toot toot to that!

See a report on a powerful new 1000 to 1 solar concentrator HERE. What’s so complicated about that is my thought? And why is it falling to individuals and students, in this case at MIT, to make these breakthroughs?

The device to convert the beam into steam must be the clever part of the invention, as the rest of it is merely a frame made of aluminium and mirrors, which is not very high tech. However if this can generate electricity, it could drive the electric car around – as the car owner says, all made from sunlight.

It will be down to private people to push these technologies as no government or big oil or car company will want a technology which renders them all superfluous.

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