Europe’s People Speak. Imperial Brussels Ignores Them.

This poll was taken prior to the Lisbon Treaty by TNS, and before the more recent signs of growing economic slowdown. The report below comes from Open Europe.

75% of people in the EU want a referendum on any new treaty which gives more powers to the EU. In the UK, 83% would want a vote to be held. A majority in all 27 countries would want a referendum.

Across the EU as a whole, 28% think the EU should have more powers than it has now and that more decisions should be taken at the European level. 23% think the EU should keep the powers it has now, but should not be given any more. 41% think the EU should have less powers than it has now and that more decisions should be taken at a national or local level. In the UK the equivalent figures were 11%, 27%, and 58% – a clear majority for taking powers back.

If there was a referendum on a treaty giving new powers to the EU, on average 41% of people in the EU would vote for it, with an exactly equal 41% voting against. But UK voters would vote more than three to one against a such a new treaty (67% – 21%). Majorities would also vote “no” in 16 EU countries, including Germany.

While the Berlin Declaration is to cite the euro as one of the great achievements of the EU, a majority of citizens in the eurozone want to go back to their old national currencies. For the eurozone as a whole 47% wanted to keep the euro, but 49% wanted to go back to their old currency. There is majority support for keeping the euro in only 6 out of the 13 euro member countries.

If there were a referendum, 11 out of the 14 non euro members would vote not to join the euro. Opposition to joining in the UK is at its highest ever: 77% – 19% against. Only Romania, Denmark and Malta would vote to join.

Looking at how the EU should change, across the EU as a whole, voters’ top priorities were to establish clear fixed limits on the powers of the EU, and to reduce the EU’s trade barriers against developing countries. Their lowest priorities are the creation of an EU foreign minister, further enlargement and CAP reform.

In the UK, the voters’ top priority is to “turn the EU into just a simple free trade area, without political aims”. Their bottom priority would be the creation of an EU foreign minister.

For the EU as a whole, 56% agreed with the statement that “the European Union does not represent ordinary people in our country”. Only 34% disagreed. In the UK the figures were 68% – 27%.

It is quite plan that Lisbon has been rammed through all the countries of Europe (bar Ireland) and yet the majority of Europe’s peoples do not want it to be imposed. Europe is by definition no longer a democracy, but a collection of colonies living under an imperial power. The EU cares nothing for the views of the people. Consent is not seen as a necessary part of the picture. This is not government. It is imperial rule.

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