‘The Euro Can’t Last Much Longer’

Alexis International, a Toronto-based consulting firm gives its reasons why the Euro will not survive much longer, says Boba Bojorevic of Ottawa Radio Station CKCU, in an article written on the 15th June. It explains that Serbia would do better to stop thinking of the EU as the solution to her problems. Instead the EU has become the problem.

The alternative strategic future Alexis envisages for Serbia is to be free of EU taxes and regulation, and to operate as an off-shore European investment centre, as was Hong Kong pre-absorption into China. Serbia could trade with the faster growing parts of the world – the BRIC – Brazil, Russia, India and China, as well as having the lowest taxes in Europe. As a strategy it makes good sense.

Here is an extract of the article which explains why the Euro is a failed currency.

“The EU is in fact the problem and not the solution for Serbia,” says F.W.B. of ALEXIS International Ltd, a Toronto based consulting firm. “Today’s EU is a special interest Moloch corrupt to the core and with a hidden agenda. This is not what the founding fathers had in mind,” explained F.W.B. in his interview to “Monday’s Encounter”, Serbian radio program in Ottawa.

“Europe was meant to be an association of independent regions that pursue their own policies and serve the interests of their people in a European House. Instead appointed commissioners and their armies of committee bureaucrats who are not accountable to anyone rule. The European Parliament is a puppet show with ZERO power and authority. Most people are clueless to how the EU is structured, it operates and it is run. “You might want to share this documentary ‘EU Takeover & The Lisbon Treaty’ – with anyone who wants to know how the EU is structured and functions. It’s a real eye opener,” says F.W.B.

Serbia is in a unique position

Having been abused and battered things have been slow in coming together for multiple and very complex reasons. This is actually a blessing in disguise. According to F.W.B, Serbia has nothing to expect from the EU that will promote and secure Serbian interests, be they political or economic.

“The EU is a failed concept and the EURO is a failed currency. There are only a hand full of EURO surplus countries – Germany, Finland, Austria and the Benelux countries [Holland, Belgium , Luxembourg ]. These countries are being deprived of their surpluses by the European Central Bank [ECB] that redistributes those surpluses to the deficit countries like France, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy , Greece etc. Hence the surplus countries have no money left for much needed infrastructure investments etc. They are being drained and impoverished, while the deficit countries live the good live of the surplus countries.

Germans have today the same purchasing power they had 1983 (a brutal decline and unacceptable under any given circumstances) since EUR 120 billion are officially ‘stolen’ from the German coffers by the ECB every year and being sent to the deficit countries that use those EUROS to purchase hard German assets [banks, construction and industrial companies etc.], since they know that sooner or later they will be ejected from the EURO core zone as it is operated today. Once that happens, their money will be worthless whereas their acquired assets are in the surplus, hard currency EURO zone countries, maintaining its value. How long can this last? Well, not much longer,” continues F.W.B.

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Boba Borojevic (pictured) holds a degree in German language and literature and is a producer of a radio program ‘Monday’s Encounter’ on CKCU 93.1 FM in Ottawa.

THOUGHT – If Serbia could do better outside the EU, the same logic could apply to Ireland which is already functioning as a a partial tax haven.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I wonder why Angela Merkel is one of the frontrunners for further EU integration and development then?
    Given how truly awful the EU is I have never understood why our political leaders rush to embrace it so.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That would suit the Serbs just fine. They thrive as a pirate economy, as Misha Glenny explains in his important book McMafia.

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