David Davis Needs To Tackle This

The government is moving in on relationships between parents and children, logging information about adults’ drinking habits, and their criminal tendencies, and using this to decide if the State will permit them to carry on acting as parents.LINK HERE.

Also a quarter of all adults will be subjected to an anti-paedophile test as part of the State’s intrusion into peoples’ private lives. See this Telegraph report LINK HERE.

The fact that children taken away from their parents frequently become victims of abuse at the hands of the very state agencies that claim to be saving the children, seems to be ignored completely by these State programmes.

David Davis would find these issues far more evocative and likely to stir up public disquiet about civil liberties than the time the government intends to arrest alleged terrorists and hold them without charges being brought.

Davis should find cases where children have been taken away from their parents and champion their suffering for all to see.

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2 Responses to “David Davis Needs To Tackle This”

  1. John Page says:

    Great, I can post from Firefox now 🙂

    DD’s people doubtless know there’s a Lib Dem MP who’s been campaigning against secrecy in family courts. He’d doubtless be a good source for figures (there were some recently) about how children in care tend to underperform – and that’s without the abuse issue. It’s not Tracy Beaker Land.

  2. tapestry says:

    The new opponent he will be facing is a rape victim who is in favour of CCTV cameras and greater police powers.

    Davis should be prepared to open up on State intrusion over families and the truly terrifying powers state agencies now wield.

    That’s a good point about the secrecy of Family Courts,a nd the need to tell the public what is happening.

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