David Davis Is Fighting For Civilisation

To the surprise of the MSM and that of the Westminster village, David Davis’ resignation and by election call has met with substantial public approval. Fear of terror is still strong, but even stronger now it appears is fear of government.

People encounter intrusive attitudes from authority, whether that be from Police officers asking smokers to walk away from others in crowds, which happened recently in London, ludicrous requests for pointless information on multi-page documents made with menaces, the laborious processes required to acquire a passport, for example and the tripling of its cost, safety NAZIs at the workplace, making pointless requests as for example in old peoples’ homes, insisting that locks be put on residents’ doors, and then another officer on the next visit insisting that they all be removed again, until nearly all private providers in the care industry are driven out by harrassment, and large organisations paying bribes can take over the industry.

The problem is that the government proceeds in granting all these powers to State agencies, naively believing that the powers will be exclusively used for the intended purposes of the legislator. There is an assumption that those being regulated are tantamount to social criminals, and that the regulators being granted the powers are the opposite. In fact, human nature hasn’t changed, and powers being put in the hands of government agencies are being used for all kinds of self-serving purposes.

Private business is being driven out of care provision such as old peoples’ homes, for politically doctrinal reasons, and also for reasons of corruption – as are private businesses in the provision of environmental services. The State bureaucracy has been vastly increased in size under Brown, and it is building itself new roles and businesses which it can control and turn to its own profit. It can use the powers granted to regulate, to empire build, and that is happening, causing terrible injustices as honest business people are driven out in favour of those ‘in the system’.

The DEFRA (Dept of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) admitted in court last year that it was illegally involved in receiving kickbacks for using its powers to wrongly keep cheaper pharmaceutical products off the market, enabling prices to be maintained. Farmers were being made to pay double what they could have been paying.

The cost of care homes has likewise soared under the stress of excessive ‘regulation’.

Oh well you might think ‘it’s only money’.

But you would be wrong to think that. As your freedom and choices are removed one by one by corrupt over-powerful government agencies, your soul also shrinks. You start to become the robotic creature that those who wield State power wish you to become. You stop thinking for yourself, and start making all your moves in response to the hoops and ditches that government puts in your way. You exhaust yourself leaping through or over them, while the agencies take you over, and reduce you to serf status.

That’s only for starters. As Davis says, the greatest threat to your liberty comes from the information that the government holds about you and your family. The folly of allowing government agencies to monitor peoples’ private lives and accumulate information about them and their families, is being committed without a thought for the consequences. Once governments have you on file, this will be used politically to prevent you from resisting the State’s actions. You may wish to fight back against some noxious removal of your personal freedoms, but you will find that threats are made to your family, your business and your relationships.

It could start with your emails being tampered with. Mysteriously one or two will be sent to the wrong address. The one you send to your mistress will arrive on your wife’s email, for example. Or the comments you are making against a business competitor will arrive on their email. Your children will be mysteriously refused access to a school or a university or a job they desired.

That’s if you are lucky enough to still be in possession of your own children. The State removes children from their parents with great regularity, usually with the children insisting they don’t wish to be so removed. They are often deposited in ‘care’, where it becomes apparent years later, due to state suppression of media, that the children are being systematically raped and abused.

If you doubt the state’s determination to get their hands on your children,see thisLINK, which tells the public the minimal amount about the National Child’s Database, but which records all children, and any problems at all which have been noted about the habits of their parents.

In a word this is why I left Britain. No grubby government agency will get its hands on any children of mine, or record their lives or mine on its grubby databases, only to be browsed by predatory perverts who’ve worked their way into powerful positions in the state buraeucracy.

It is not without coincidence that Brussels, which is the centre of state power and bureaucracy is also the world centre for child prostitution. On a visit to Brussels the capital of the Brave New World, pictures of missing children can be seen at every tram stop, like missing cats and dogs in Britain.

Think of Madeleine McCann (her unfortunate parents pictured at top) and the lies of the Portuguese Police and Portuguese Government and then multiply that by 100. This is State power at work, unchecked, unashamed,destroying all the good of humanity and getting away with it. The Police do nothing. The government says nothing. Most of the missing children are never seen again. (See this article from USA Today which states that Belgium is a world centre for child prostitution.)

Welcome to the end game for state power. David Davis is right to start the fightback. The public are sick of the silence that pervades. It’s time that someone said something, before what’s left of our humanity is stripped away. People are at last beginning to realise. Terrorists are as nothing compared to what your own government can do to you.

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