Clegg Concedes. Lisbon Very Unlikely To Be Implemented..

From Sean T on a minute ago, the following post sums up the position very nicely. I won’t add to his comments. We just need to know from Clegg – ‘does ‘democracy prevailing’ mean that he will ensure Lisbon falls in the House Of Lords on Wednesday next week?

can I add my voice to the low-key chorus of appreciation for Nick Clegg. He’s proving a little smarter than early indications implied.

He has now, for instance, come right out and said: Lisbon is very unlikely to be implemented, we can’t ignore the Irish result, democracy must prevail.

Well done Nick. I think this is the future for the Lib Dems – to become the principled, freedom-loving centre-left party, in stark contrast to the hateful, authoritarian, hypocritical and mendacious Labour party, now so universally despised. There’s a big niche in the market – you can fill it.

However there is an early test for the new Smart Sensible Clegg – The Lords vote on the Treaty.

If you really believe Lisbon is dead Nick, order your peers to reject Lisbon this week. That chimes with your views, surely it is what you want? The Treaty has been rejected democratically, you are a democrat, ergo you reject it, no?

Or are you just waffling?

Do it Clegg. Take a stand. Make your point. There is a bright future for Lib Dems but it means dropping your idiotic adulation of all things Euro. You seem to want to go down this new democratic route – but it means plucking the beard of Shirley Williams…

Picture from broganblog – Any movement of the ball at Lords, Nick?

Judging by his sorry performance on Lisbon so far, it seems very unlikely he’ll act as the saviour of Britain. See him squirming around under Paxman’s simple line of questioning in this recent video. The Irish referendum result is just causing him to squirm again. Still it’s nice to hear him conceding on his former position of total arrogance and superiority. A bit more humble pie will do him a power of good.

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