British Ambassador To Serbia Tries To Influence Election Result

The British Ambassador to Serbia, Stephen Wordsworth is only doing what he’s told to do no doubt, by a British Foreign Office which believes passionately in all things EU. Be that as it may, I feel quite uncomfortable reading this report from Belgrade’s B92 News that Wordsworth is telling Serbs what kind of government they should be forming. He is trying to influence the outcome of inter-party negotiations which have been going on since the May elections, and now are coming to a conclusion.

The EU and EU-sympathetic media such as the BBC have put out endless propaganda that the pro-EU side had won the election, when in fact, they were short of an overall majority, and in fact have lost it. Right from the beginning, it has been more likely that the coalition claiming that Kosovo cannot be traded-in, in return for rapid EU membership, would win power in the end of the day. And that is what is now happening. According to this report, the coalition between the Radicals (DS) and the Socialists group of Parties could be in government within two weeks.

If that is what Serbs have voted for and choose for themselves, it is none of the Ambassador’s business to be saying anything about it. The Serbian media are naturally indignant that our Ambassador is taking sides in their internal political affairs.

Don’t they realise that the EU sees itself as above democracy, and that the so-called British Foreign Service is nothing of the sort, but a service which has lost any identity and purpose other than to be in support of the new EU Empire?

I for one, feel ashamed of Britain, my country of origin. LINK to report.

Extract –

Ambassador Wordsworth for his part denied media reports that he and other western diplomats in Serbia were influencing the formation of the Serbian government, and said that he “has no means to force people to do something”, but was rather offering his opinion.

The ambassador also said that his country believes Serbia needs a pro-European government so that foreign investors would be ready to invest in the country’s further development.

Shut it.

Picture – United Serbia leader Dragan Markovic Palma declaring that his Party will soon be part of the governing coalition. Ambassador Stephen Wordsworth looks on.

SIDEVIEW – The same story told from a Serbian perspective – LINK.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Could this be the reason of the BBC’S Pro EU bias,
    The Metropolitan Police have today (13 March) received a bundle of papers from Ashley Mote MEP, Independent, SE England, detailing the tens of millions of euros received by the BBC over recent years.

  2. another anon says:

    It is quite well known around Whitehall that if you do not get at least one posting to Brussels during your climb up the greasy pole, you are unlikely ever to reach the top by any other means.

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