The Coming Battle For Ireland’s Soul

The rejection of the Lisbon Treaty by the Irish has been taken personally by the French President. He had great plans for France’s upcoming Presidency of the EU, and hoped to use the situation to secure his power base in France and Europe.

His normal effusiveness and charm have been replaced with a surlyness and bitterness that is frankly scary. He is not shrewd enough to hide how he feels and act the statesman, and he had these words for the Irish.

“They [the Irish] are bloody fools. They have been stuffing their faces at Europe’s expense for years and now they dump us in the shit.” – Nicolas Sarkozy, French President (Times, 20 June)

Sarkozy can give it, but he can’t take it, it appears.

A TV interviewer on one of his friend’s TV Channels asked him “whether he ever felt like a small boy in a big boy’s playhround.” She lost her job. She was replaced, it was rumoured, by a news reader approved by Sarkozy. (See Guardian article below).

Not content with mere tinkering at the edges of French media, however Sarkozy is now changing tne rules, and is making it the role of the French government to appoint the head of French State TV, saying that this is more democratic than the previous system where the Head was appointed by a committee. The story is told in this article in The Guardian – LINK HERE.

The Irish should take note. It doesn’t pay to cross Sarkozy, the little guy who wants to be big.

The last time the French found an ambitious leader of small stature desirous of power over the continent, the Irish sensibly allied with him. But this time it’s the Brits who are aligning with the continental powers, and Ireland that is standing alone.

In the Second World War, the Battle Of Britain was Hitler’s first defeat. In the War For European Democracy, now taking place, the Battle Of Ireland might yet be the first defeat for Europe’s new slightly deranged but equally dangerous Napoleon.

The situation on the ground in Ireland finds the people in thoughtful mood. The referendum has chrystallised the thought in many Irish people’s minds that something is wrong with the political goings-on. You can read things like THIS in the Irish blogosphere now –

As the dust settles on the Lisbon verdict I think a lot of observers on the No side are beginning to feel that there is something radically wrong with the body politic in Ireland. Virtually all Irish political parties, and the representatives of the ‘social partners’, allied to nearly all the media organs, were in favour of a Yes vote while the majority of the Irish people were in favour of the No side.

It just seems that these political parties etc no longer make much of an effort to represent us anymore, instead it seems that all these groups operate as PR agents for the EU as that body seeks to control us. Anyway a lot of people are clearly thinking this way now, the question is what are we going to do about it?

Will the spirit of Irish freedom be strong enough to withstand the coming ‘charm’ offensive from the EU, in which everything will be offered to Ireland as a trade-off to persuade the Irish to hand power over their country to Brussels? Of course, once power resides in Brussels, all the promises over time will turn to dust.

The Irish Taoiseach Cowen has been given til October by Brussels to come up with proposals as to how Ireland will approach her next attempt at the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty.

Sarkozy meanwhile is trying to build position with Conservative leader David Cameron, now that Gordon Brown’s disappearing into electoral oblivion in Britain. I wonder if they mentioned Ireland in their recent meeting. You bet they did.

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    Vote NO and get another vote free!

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