Will Gisela Stuart Stand If Gordon Falls?

You have to hand it to Birmingham MP Gisela Stuart. She tells it like it is. The media is full to the brim with articles and reports mentioning Gordon Brown’s inability to provide leadership. But how many of them were onto Brown’s hopelessness as early as October 2007? Gisela was right there, and not mincing her words either, as this headline from the Birmingham Post demonstrates, dated October 16th.

She then lead the Gang Of Four rebellion against the Lisbon Treaty ratification through the Commons, roping in Frank Field, Kate Hoey and Graham Stringer to make a committed and public stand against Gordon Brown’s breach of Labour’s manifesto promise to hold a referendum. Sadly the rebellion fizzled out and only 29 Labour MPs voted to back the promised referendum. Pictured – Gisela Stuart on left.

Commentators scratching around looking for anything that shows the courage and commitment of leadership in the ranks of Labour MPs might take note. Gisela’s got the kind of ‘cojones’ that turning the Party’s disastrous situation will take.

As James Lyons of The Mirrror noticed on the 23rd January 2008, Gisela, under threat from Labour Whips mysteriously disappeared. She was predicted only to return once Lisbon had been finally ratified through the Lords. See HERE. That’s the measure of how frightened Gordon Brown had become of her, that he insisted she be removed from Westminster. Were Brown now to fall after the Crewe and Nantwich result comes in however, she might be tempted to make an early reappearance.

Ably assisted by L. Bagshaw in her Edgbaston Constituency (presumably no relation of Louise!), she must surely be keen to find any way she can to overturn the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty which she so strongly opposes. One way to do that would be to fight for the leadership of the collapsing Labour Party. As The Mirror says, ‘has anyone seen Gisela?’, the only MP who dared challenge Gordon Brown face on and tell it like it is?

If Gordon doesn’t fall and the Lisbon process be halted, things are looking pretty terminal for Britain’s independence. See Daily Referendum HERE.

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