Vaclav Klaus Ashamed By Czech Recognition Of Kosovo

There cannot be many more reasonable men in world politics than Vaclav Klaus, President of Czechoslovakia. He speaks with a beautiful soft voice, in perfect English, with a measured, steady pace. It is a real pleasure to listen to any of his speeches. But this quiet and reasonable man has made some extremely strong comments about the way Serbia is being treated by the EU supported by the USA, and that he is ashamed that his country has buckled to EU and US pressure and recognised the ‘illegal declaration of independence by the Serbian province of Kosovo’.


“It is not a secret and I cannot agree with the recognition of Kosovo’s independence,” Klaus told Czech media.

Kosovo, Serbianna writes, is a Serbian province that has been ethnically cleansed of Serbs by Kosovo’s Muslim Albanian armed gunmen after Washington intervened on their behalf by driving off Serb troops from the province in 1999 allowing the Islamic separatists to kill and expel Kosovo Serbs who are Christian.

In the past, Klaus reminisced on the similarities between Hitler’s break-up of his country to the imposed break-up of Serbia.

Pleas enjoy this video (19 minutes – so get a cup of coffee first) of Klaus Vaclav speaking to the Cato Institute in the USA taken before the Kosovo declaration in March 2007, in which he comments on the growing loss of freedom being caused by the EU and by various political ideologies, especially environmentalism.

He speaks of how those who lost their freedoms to other ideologies in the past, to Marxism and Communism, have a particular sensitivity to this. It is a beautiful speech, which will raise the spirits of anyone who sees freedom in their lives evaporating under pressure from these sources. When a man like this speaks out, the free peoples of the world should listen.

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