Serbian Eurovision Misfires.

Serbia’s May 11th elections were met with celebratory news releases by the EU when Tadic’s pro-Euro Party won the biggest share of the vote, capturing 39%. However EU reports somehow managed to ignore the rather obvious fact that 39% fell far short of the 51% needed to win power.

Unfortunately (for the EU), as predicted by informed comment, and now reported by Associated Press, it is not the pro-EU coalition but the anti-EU coalition that will be forming Serbia’s next government. The Radical Party won 78 seats, but by allying with Kostunica (30 seats) and now Milosevic’s Socialists (20 seats), the EU’s hopes of a pro-EU coalition winning power in Serbia are dashed. The coalition that will not integrate into the EU unless Kosovo is still part of Serbia, has won the election.

This news, not mentioned by the BBC or CNN, comes hard on the heels of the report two days ago, also not mentioned by the West’s media, that the BRIC (Brazil Russia India China) has issued a statement requesting that negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina are commenced, and that the EU takeover of Kosovo be halted. See HERE.

The one thing the BBC and the rest of Europe’s media does seem able to report (endlessly) is the Eurovision Song Contest, which comes from Serbia’s capital Belgrade, with the grand final on May 24th (Don’t expect another Serbian victory this year!). I wonder how many months will be allowed to pass before the EU, the BBC and the western media in general finds itself able to admit that the EU’s Kosovo project and the EU’s Serbia project are both in trouble. But please, let’s not spoil the songs or the party. It was the perfect Euro-vision, to sing Serbia into the fold, except, Folks, now it won’t be happening.


Jovana Jankovic, one of the two presenters of Eurovision this year.

The Georgian entry ‘Diana’ with ‘Peace Will Come’. As regards Georgia, see ‘Does America Really Want A war With Russia?’ HERE

UPDATE May 16TH Associated Press EU Mission To Kosovo Put On Hold Indefinitely. See HERE.

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