Ron Paul: ‘America Got It Wrong In Kosovo’

Ron Paul is the latest Congressman to go public in criticising America and the EU for backing Kosovan independence. The EU programme is indefinitely stalled as the handover from the UN has been successfully blocked by Russian diplomacy. In Belgrade the ‘no EU without Kosovo in Serbia’ coalition has won the election, and the situation is unravelling fast.

From Voice Of America –

The US should not have imposed their will in resolving the Kosovo issue

stated Republican congressman from Texas Ron Paul.

Instead, Washington should have refrained from intervention in order to find a long-term stable solution for the Serbian province.

Stating that the principle of self-determination might be acceptable in a case of a sovereign state swallowed by the then Soviet Union, the US congressman emphasized that Kosovo is not such a case and that a more cautious policy should have been led.

Senator Obama will be agreeing with every word, I am sure. Hillary Clinton will not be. Nor will McCain. Wise Americans are gradually learning that attempting to cooperate with the EU is proving a waste of valuable time and resources.

From today’s Al Jazeera English version – HERE

Americans go to the polls on November 4 after one of the most tightly contested and open presidential races for some time in what may be the election that truly questions the role of the US as a global power.

Voters face an increasingly struggling economy at home and an increasingly costly war abroad. A range of other issues such as health care, immigration and the impact of globalisation will play a part in the 2008 contest.

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