No Grief At Labour Burial

One key element of New Labour’s eleven years in power has been its aversion to history. Only things modern were recognised as of any value since Blair’s smile took over the airwaves in 1997. Cool Britannia replaced Rule Britania, and a generation of kids grew up with no respect for, or knowledge of history, as a result. Schools packed up teaching British history. Now only the 20th century gets a look in on the curriculum.

Today The Sun carried a YouGov opinion poll giving the Conservatives 49% and Labour 23%, the question now arises – Will Labour themselves be consigned into history?. See Telegraph report on the finality of the Labour collapse HERE

Alex Salmond can see the writing on the wall, and has interestingly chosen this moment to start talking of working up a cooperative relationship with the Conservatives at Westminster (See HERE).

If he had done this a month ago, his offer might have received a glimmer of interest, with the arithmetic from polls suggesting a hung Parliament as a likely result in an election. A few SNP MPs at Westminster might have been required to push Labour out of power. But Labour’s almost total collapse now makes Salmond’s overtures academic.

If Cameron can win power outright with a majority of 100 or more, he is not likely to want to tie his hands with any deals with anyone.

Nick Clegg’s talk of cooperation would come into the same category. As Cameron might say to all those, until recently hoping to hold the balance of power, ‘Don’t call us. We’ll call you.’

A collapsing Labour would give the Lib Dems a new line to voters however. ‘How big a majority do you want Cameron to have? With Labour imploding we are now the only viable opposition.’ And who could argue with them?

With Labour polling less than the Lib Dems in the Council elections last week, the days of the Labour Party as a force in British politics must surely be numbered. Maybe Labour’s rump will now campaign for history to be given high priority in education, so that they are not merely buried and forgotten, as they deserve. A more forgettable bunch of liars and egotists has never walked the corridors at the Palace of Westminster. History will not be kind to those who aspired to its destruction, and then rightly, instead met their own.

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