Who Will Collapse Lisbon First? Brown Or Mandelson?

The same New Labour arrogance that has sent support for Gordon Brown crashing through the floorboards in Britain, is now causing support for another EU champion to disintegrate in Ireland. Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson is perplexing Irish farmers by telling them that the WTO negotiations will make it necessary to cut prices paid to them for their produce.

The Irish government asked if these negotiations could be delayed until their referendum on the EU Constitution is safely in the bag, but good old Mandelson, true to form, is taking all the criticism personally, and is refusing to keep quiet, as requested.

The net result is that Irish support for the EU is bombing at this most critical time, and Mandelson is making himself into an Irish figure of hate. Isn’t it wonderful that these two leviathans of the New labour regime, Mandelson and Brown are both working full out to collapse the edifice that they built. The arrogance of power, and the progress they have both achieved without need of any democratic input, has created two of the most arrogant, insensitive and self-centred creatures ever known to politics.

They were once best friends, or possibly even lovers (Andrew Marr’s book leaves that possibility open in his description of their relationship). Then they became bitter enemies. And now, due to their best efforts, the EU empire that they have done so much to build is looking like coming crashing down around their ears. If Mandelson loses the Lisbon referendum in Ireland, he could halt the EU’s development in its tracks.

Likewise if Brown’s government were to collapse before the Lisbon Treaty is ratified in Britain, the progress of the EU could be halted. The race is on. Will Brown or Mandelson be first to bring the EU into possibly terminal crisis? If the result of the Crewe and Nantwich byelection is bad enough, will Labour’s ghastly death throes spill over into open rebellion and collapse of the government?

See Telegraph report on the Mandelson crisis in Ireland HERE

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