Liam Fox Buries Gordon Brown

On the BBC’s Andrew Marr’s Show yesterday, Liam Fox showed how it’s done. In a 20 second response he buried Gordon Brown and Labour’s record and claimed victory in the media propaganda war…as follows –

First of all Labour are doing badly. Labour are still caught in this mental rut that Gordon Brown was a great Chancellor, they’ve got economic stability, and if they say it often enough people will believe it.

But the reality for people out there is they’ve got the highest tax rates for 25 years, the lowest savings ratio for 44 years, the government have stripped more than £50 billion out of the pension funds, Gordon Brown sold our gold at the wrong time in the cycle, we’ve had the first run on a bank for 150 years.

And if you ask people on the doorsteps, as we did, what is that they bother about? It’s the cost of food when they get to the checkouts, petrol when they get to the pumps, and Labour need to understand there is no economic stability out there, there is economic fear out there.

ANDREW MARR: It is the economy stupid, in Clinton’s famous phrase?

LIAM FOX: The economy was a huge issue during those elections and the government need now to understand why people are afraid, and stop patronising them by telling them they’ve got economic stability when to ordinary families they don’t.

And the second thing is why did we do so well? Well clearly I think David Cameron has now made it respectable again to vote Conservative, and a lot of people voted Conservative – in places like Bury – for the first time ever, and that was a very important breakthrough for us.

ANDREW MARR: A psychological moment?

LIAM FOX: It was a very important psychological moment and I think voters now feel comfortable voting Conservative.

Eurosceptics who fear that Cameron will be the next EU stooge, should take heart that all the key Conservative eurosceptics, from Redwood, Fox, IDS, Cash and many others less well known, are all strongly supportive of David Cameron.

It is, however, a key approach to the propaganda war by Cameron not to delve into the issue of the EU. This is interpreted by many as tacit support for the EU by Cameron, both by eurosceptics and by europhiles.

If the Conservatives were attacking the EU at every turn as eurosceptics desire, imagine how the Andrew Marr of Liam Fox would have run. e.g. “But your Party are a bunch of xenophobic Little Englanders who want to drag Britain into isolation, aren’t you?’ would have been asked by Marr. Liam would have been on the defensive, and could not have mauled Gordon Brown’s record so brilliantly.

The sand in the hourglass is running away, and Britain’s existence hangs by a thread, but it is not lost yet. Electing Conservative eurosceptics is the only way that Britain might be saved. Eurosceptics should stay on board. The likes of Liam Fox would not be backing Cameron if they didn’t believe he will do something to stop the endless sucking of power away from Westminster to Brussels.

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