Beware The Washed Out Labour Spin Machine

Labour spin-doctors, once the most feared in the land, able to twist the truth round so many times it was no longer recognisable, seem to be remarkably limp these days. They are trying to come to terms with Cameron’s surge and Brown’s collapse, and you have to hand it to them. They are certainly trying. But they’ve made so many attempts to ‘colour’ David Cameron in – literally – that their efforts are fast becoming a blur, and little fire is landing on the target.

At the beginning it all seemed so easy. Blair ruled the airwaves, and Cameron was presented a lightweight competitor by the Labour propaganda machine. One day he was on an iceberg riding a husky sled, the next bicycling around Westminster.This was not a serious attempt to look like a national leader, so Labour tried to take a ride on Cameron’s own re-branding efforts and ridicule them. They produced the chameleon on a bicycle.

Others who were objecting to Cameron ‘from his own side’ of the political spectrum were not happy at Cameron’s unwillingness to address serious issues, and EU Referendum framed him as a butterfly chasing greenie.

Just occasionally Cammers would tease with a bit of serious politics and draw a volley of nervous fire for his efforts. The Sun showed a picture of Cameron apparently determined to send Britain back to the Dark Ages, by undoing Human Rights legislation. But the Cameron roadshow moved on to other topics, dodging the attempt to portray him as a caveman in the process.

There was a brief attempt to spin him as a Thatcherite in disguise, but as Cameron pointed out, he was only a teenager when Thatcher resigned. That approach didn’t wash either.

Then the photo of Cameron (2) and Boris Johnson (8) emerged in The Mail, enjoying an evening at the Bullingdon Club while Eton schoolboys, which seemed for a moment to fire up a potential way to tar Cameron with the ‘Toff’ brush. It is still exciting Labour activists greatly, but the public are not too interested. They want someone who can run the country and don’t give a fig where they come from.

Labour are lost, and don’t have a clue either how to develop their own policies or portray their opponents. Maybe they should create a website where their supporters could submit ideas as to what to do next. They could hardly do worse than they are doing. This is the leaflet they are putting out in Crewe and Nantwich. It’s not even up to BNP standard.

UPDATE – According to Guido today, Gordon Brown authorised the Toffs Campaign personally. That gives rise to a further thought. Brown cares little about winning elections now, as he knows his chances are gone. On the other hand he is 100% determined not to be ousted from office by his own Party.

So he’s throwing large chunks of red meat to his activists to keep them sweet. If that theory is correct, we can expect numerous devices designed to appeal to Labour Party members, Trades Unions and activists. Britain better be ready for a desperate battle with Gordon Brown squatting in his Downing Street bunker, not bothered about the further destruction of the country that has rejected him, and out to please the extremists that still occupy key Labour Party roles. He will lose interest in doing anything that might appeal to the majority. Tin hats on, folks, if that’s the case.

Brown, who began as Stalin, then became Bean, could yet end with a Hitlerian crescendo.

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