Labour Spin Becomes Parody Of Itself


Hi Is that Gordo? This is Tamsin. (Labour candidate for Crewe & Natwich)

Hi Tam. How’s It Going?

Errr well, not bad overall…


Well, there is one thing I have to tell you, Gordon. This ‘Toffs’ campaign is going down very badly with the electorate up here.

Yes I Know Tam. But the activists and the Party love it, don’t they, and keeping the Party happy is crucial.

But Gordon we want to win this seat, don’t we? Haven’t we got anything else to tell the voters?

I suppose we do have a few other messages we could use (opens drawer – shuffles papers around). What about this one? – ‘Hug A Hoodie’. It went down very well when we ran that last time. Shall we rerun it?

Gordon, anything is better than this Toffs thing.

OK, Tam. We’ll run it…but we must keep the activists fired up, you know. My position depends on it. We’ll rebadge it so people don’t twig what we’re up to – Tories Soft On Yobs suit you?

Anything’s better than Toffs, Gordon.

OK it’s a done deal.

PICTURED – Moyra Tamsin Dunwoody-Kneafsy with Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. She claims they have never met.

(Hat Tip to Guido for various pictorial illustrations and relevant information)

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