Labour Party No Longer Viable

The BBC reports the Council election results today showing that the Conservatives have won an emphatic victory taking 44% of the votes cast. The big story however, is that the Labour Party have been pushed into third place by the Liberal Democrats, who took 25% to Labour’s 24%. In a country whose electoral system is First Past The Post, being the third biggest party is tantamount to irrelevance, if not oblivion.

If this is the pattern of future voting, the Labour Party is history. The BBC hilariously quotes Minister Geoff Hoon saying ‘This is not a crisis’! If being pushed into third place in a nationwide poll isn’t a crisis, then maybe Geoff Hoon might explain what circumstances he did consider, would present the Labour Party with a crisis!

Maybe winning would be seen as such. Being consigned to the dustbin of history must be reassuring for Gordon Brown’s Party. Only that can bring the nightmare that Labour has become, finally to an end. A black hole has never been so reassuring. To Geoff Hoon it’s the light at the end of the tunnel.

See the BBC Results HERE

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