Is This The Stalking Horse?

Patrick Hall MP for Bedford is rumoured to be considering standing against Gordon Brown and proposing a leadership contest takes place. (Source – today’s comments from Barry Monk of Save Bedford Hospital Blog, candidate for The Save Bedford Hospital Party).

Here are the stats from the GE 2005. Patrick Hall has only a 3.57 % lead over the Conservatives, which would be wiped out by half the swing that occurred in Crewe. Self interest would explain why MPs like Patrick are desperate to get rid of Brown.

Hall, Patrick Lab 17,557 41.37%
Fuller, Richard Con 14,174 33.41%
Headley, Michael Lib Dem 9,063 21.36%
Conquest, Peter UKIP 995 2.35%
McCready, John Ind 283 0.67%
Lab Majority 3,383 7.97%
Electorate 67,103
Turnout 42,422 63.22%
Lab Hold (3.57% from Lab to Con)

His majority in 1997 was 8300. In 2005 it was 3300.

He has won the seat 3 times in a row. From wikipedia –

He was elected to the House of Commons at the 1997 General Election for the new seat of Bedford and Kempston with a majority of 8,300 and he has been the MP there since. He made his maiden speech on July 30, 1997.

He contested Bedfordshire North at the 1992 General Election, but was defeated by the veteran Conservative MP Trevor Skeet by 11,618 votes.

Here’s an exchange between Patrick Hall and a local Conservative Borough Councillor who blogged it recently –

I was at the train station this morning, and guess who I bumped into – you guessed it Patrick Hall MP. After waving of his children, he came over to me and said “So don’t you want to talk to me” “not particularly” I replied “given the fact that you failed to support the community of Bedford by voting FOR the closure of post offices why should I be bothered to speak to you.”

He said “I did’nt support the proposal in Parliament to stop the current closure of Post Offices because the proposal was too weak” – this from a man who is rumoured for drinking skinny latte!

He went on and on, making himself look very stupid in front of commuters.

He asked me why I blogged about him, I said “ I think its called accountability, I was disappointed by his lack of support for our community; surely this is why you are our MP – someone who will stand up for the community. At this point a fellow commuter said to Patrick “So what’s you doing to stop the massive cuts in train services from Bedford”, his answer “erm” nothing – at this point he cowardly walked away.. Link HERE

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