Is Obama’s Life At Risk?

Those who buy into supranational government have held sway in the States and in Europe for a while – the Americans being Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, the Bushes, the Clintons, Rupert Murdoch – to name a few. There are books written on the subject.

In Europe, the same tendency is to be found with Murdoch being pro naturally, plus most current national leaders, assisted into place by the supranational movement – either with enthusiasm as with Brown, Sarkozy, Merkel – or because they see little choice but to play along because the supranational movement is so powerful – as with Berlusconi.

The supranational movement is secretive and has held sway a long time. But it could now be close to collapse if Obama wins in the US and if the Conservatives (helped by events) start to unravel the EU. That is why Hillary will fight on – to save the concept she believes in, and which is intended to bring the world gradually into one world government.

Sending power ever higher, of necessity means taking it away from the people. Democracy is fighting back though, and peope want to reclaim the power they can see is being exercised on their behalf by governments that exclusively pursue their own aims. The Iraq War has taught Americans that they cannot trust their own government and now the collapsing economy is reinforcing the message….all caused by incompetence and maybe deliberate assumption of stupid risks on a massive scale.

Hillary is saying. Give us the power; we, the elite, those who know best what’s right for you. Obama is saying that government has to accept that it has limitations, that American power has its limitations, and that it is more intelligent to live within those limitations. Enough tragedy and loss has already happened courtesy of the supposed elites who have brought about unnecessary wars, bad relations with many regions of the world, rocketing food prices and now a potential economic catastrophe.

In Europe the same realisations have sunk Gordon Brown and are sinking Sarkozy. Merkel is also in trouble. Cameron is talking Obama language and is nearly at 50% in the polls up from 33% six months ago. Obama continues to squeeze Clinton’s support. The message is clear. People on both sides of the Atlantic are looking to rebuild basic trust in government, and will vote big for individual leaders they trust.

Hillary comes from the old view, and has many dug-in supporters who still believe as she does, that despite all the evidence, a small secretive elite can run the world best. She will dig her own political grave in support of her notions.

The world is moving on fast. Obama and his ilk will be the future. The elites will try everything in their power to stop him, hopefully not assassination, but I wouldn’t put that past them.

They killed Pim Fortuyn as he was about to take Holland out of the EU. They killed Dr Kelly who tried to stop the Iraq War. Maybe they killed Diana who would have revived the concept of monarchy to the world if they hadn’t stopped her.


It is not only in America that this arrogance is losing. Many parts of the world are enraged by the arrogance of American government and the western media. There is no need to be on such bad terms with Russia, China and others. Obama says it is wisdom to talk to America’s enemies, not weakness. He wants to unwind the tensions that elitist politically correct arrogance is building around the globe.


See CNN on the Bilderberg Group

And for more on the commonality (however without mention of the Bilderberger Group) between Blair, Brown and the Clintons see Peter Oborne HERE in the Daily Mail today.

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