I Hate Gordon Brown

The Tap gets a handful of hits from people searching under ‘I Hate Gordon Brown’ every day. I’m not sure why but today the number of such searches has gone up fourfold. I wrote a post with that title in August 2007 – see HERE. No need to explain the title, I guess, but why is the already unpopular Brown sinking to a new level of contempt, if that was possible, at this moment?

The only thing I can see is that would be sufficient to further piss people off is the latest Brown pitch for support carried by the BBC today, in which he pathetically pleads as follows –

I’ve saved the british economy before. i can do it again.. See the BBC report HERE.

It’s not the fact that he’s addressing the issue of the economy that’s the problem, although there can surely be no one walking the planet who believes that Gordon Brown ever did anything to save the British economy, other than Gordon Brown. The problem is that, like a spoiled brat teenager, he always talks on any subject exclusively in relation to himself. With Britain sinking into the financial abyss, Brown has only one solution to offer, and it’s the one that most people see as the cause and not the solution at all – him again.

For a less sanguine assessment of Brown’s input into British economic affairs, the Telegraph today carries a comprehensive charge sheet. See HERE. The incomprehending Gordon Brown will be pleading ‘not guilty’ as usual.

Extract from The Telegraph 11th May 2008 on Cherie’s memoirs –

Why on earth would he (Blair) resign just to give Gordon a turn, as if Number 10 were a Nintendo DS to be shared by the children? Since when was the governance of Britain organised on a rota basis? What a ridiculous way to run a country. Still, that is the way New Labour has run it.

Ancient history? Far from it. If the question for 13 years was “When will Tony go?” the question now is

“Was it really worth it, Gordon?”

Disconsolate, embattled, exhausted, Brown increasingly resembles the Macbeth of Act V, king in no more than title, wondering whether the whole thing was all, after all, “a tale/ Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,/ Signifying nothing.”

How shattering, after such a long wait in the ante-chamber of power, to find that the job is so hard, to be told every day that you are not up to it; perhaps, in your darkest moments, to wonder whether Tony was better qualified all along.

Not much fun for the rest of us, either.

And this from Simon Heffer who reads Brown well (unlike his views on Cameron) – See them HERE

And Matthew Pariss of The Times who fears that Brown may actually be unable to perceive the truth, and it is that which drives people to detest him. See HERE

All the above will be as nothing if these forecasts are true from Daily Referendum – that once Lisbon is ratified, Brown will ram through the Euro. See HERE. In these circumstances, Brown will become a longterm figure of hatred by a generation of Britons.

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  1. Simon says:

    Brits hate cowards.

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