Gordon Brown’s Soul-Sucking Smile

We saw it on American Idol while Gordon promised the world millions of mosquito nets at the British taxpayers’ expense. It was a long smile, close to a grin and it looked unnatural.

Carole Walker, the BBC News Political Correspondent went to meet Gordon Brown yesterday at Downing Street and was met not with the steely look of determination you might expect someone to present, in face of the worst election results his party had received in 40 years.

Amazingly he wore exactly the same unconvincing smile.

Her report begins….

“Gordon shouldn’t smile – it looks unnatural” was the advice from one former minister last week.
Surely the prime minister must have realised that his attempt to do so, when he spoke to us in Downing Street on Friday morning, was even less convincing than usual.

A smile is meant to be a happy thing, the way we tell each other that we’re feeling relaxed, healthy and optimistic. We want others around us to feel good too. A Gordon Brown smile communicates none of that.

It’s the face of a man who’s been lying a long time, who’s been found out, of someone who knows they are inadequate but who played the game of power so successfully that they were granted the ultimate honour – the job of Prime Minister. It’s a smile that says, no matter how great the humiliation to come, Brown will forever see himself as a winner. His smile is not a gift, as a smile should be. It’s a claim. He’s letting you know that no one will be allowed to wipe the smile from his face.

The Gordon Brown smile gives a sick feeling in the stomach, a sense that our country’s political system and the media that granted him full support throughout his years as Chancellor, have gone badly wrong. The smile covers up none of it, but reveals the mind of a person in denial. Gordon Brown has laid waste one of the most successful economies and societies in the world and reduced it to financial and moral bankruptcy. The smile tells you he’s proud of that.

I don’t suppose Gordon Brown will ever stop smiling his smirk.

The Council election results indicate that at least he will at some point be required to go and smile it somewhere else. Roll on the day!

See here someone’s video take on Brown’s grin on American Idol –

Enough souls have been sucked. Time’s out, Gordon.

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