European Democracy Dying In Ireland

Richard North of EU Referendum, the parent blog to, says that euroscepticism has lost, and that he will be closing down the EU Referendum blog, now the Lisbon Treaty is being passed through Britain’s Parliament without the promised referendum. There is though still an outside chance that democracy in Europe might survive this new dark age. Ireland has yet to vote on the Lisbon Treaty, in 17 days time.

The YES campaign, run with the full resources of the state, however, is ahead by 41 to 33 with three weeks to go. There are still 26 undecided, and the NO vote is growing faster than the YES. Most forecasters now believe that the YES vote will win, as the Irish realise that whatever they decide to vote, won’t be allowed to make any difference by Brussels. If true, European democracy will soon be dead. Only the theatre of elections with no effect will be permitted to take place.

Europe which gave democracy to the world, will, for the first time in 2500 years become a democracy-free continent. Born in Athens, over four hundred years before Christ, Democracy’s grave will be in Dublin.


I received this comment from a Robert O’Coillean. I cannot vouch for it but pass it on. I approved the comment for publication three times, but each time it fails to publish. So I’ve decided to peg it on the bottom of my post. I guess it’s –

A Cry To Ireland From An Irish American.

As an Irishman of the diaspora (all four of my grandparents were of Irish descent) I am vitally interested in the present and, especially, the future of my home land. This issue of the Lisbon Treaty frightens me to death! I’m afraid that too many of my brothers and sisters do not realize that the referendum on the Lisbon Treaty is in effect a decision equal to new elections in Ireland. The decision on ratifying the Lisbon Treaty is – upon transferring the current powers of the nation state of Ireland to the federal state in Brussels – it is a decision on accepting or rejecting the permanent construction of A NEW FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AND PARLIAMENT OVER IRELAND. To do so will be to utterly discard on the rubbish heap of history all the sacrifices of our ancestors, both the suffering against British oppression and the fighting for freedom in which so many lives were lost.

This is a crucial time in Irish history – a time when you/we will decide whether to march on under your/our own strength and character and leadership or to surrender your/our rights, lives, and fate to others who have, upon every past opportunity, either turned their backs on Ireland in her need or swooped in to take advantage of her riches. Which is exactly what is happening now. Ireland (God bless her forever!) has risen, by her own strength of character and moral fortitude and by God’s kind grace, far above her past of subjection and base poverty to a point where she is a jewel in the crown of Europe and the world. Ireland has earned all her scars and medals of valour and has come into her own – at last. (One might quote of Ireland as well, “Free at last, free at last! Thank God almighty, we’re free at last!”)

And now, in the time of finally enjoying the fruits of our hard-won, blood-bought freedoms and successes, Ireland considers handing over her self-mastery to yet another foreign dictator! God forbid it! Let Ireland be Ireland, not some small dot on the EU map. Let Ireland be Ireland, not another chattel within another kingdom – for such is the becoming EU/EC. Never forget the sacrifices made by our (OUR) grandparents for the possibility of self-rule for Ireland. We are Ireland! We are not Europeans – we never have been. We were at best pets, at worst slaves of Europeans. Ireland has suffered too long to throw away her freedom and self-sufficiency on yet another European master race. We are Ireland!

Look long and hard at America and learn from her mistakes. Under her own power, the United States stood together by choice. Today, we have given up the idea of mutually beneficial partnership among the member states and have become subjects to a dictatorial Federal Government who seeks to rip our choice from us – from freedom of religion to freedom of choice to freedom of speech. American is becoming what the EU would march straight into, from the beginning.

Ireland, my Ireland, whom I learned to pray for and to love from my mother’s knee and my father’s stories, remember the source of your strength in your tortured past – return to your faith and your moral sense of self. God lead you through 700 years of tribulation and abject slavery. Your/our sense of Irish identity apart from that of the rest of the world kept us unified and alive during years of deprivation and attempted genocide. Please, please, please don’t give all that up now for a new, stronger master.

We, the children of your diaspora, are counting on you to safeguard our heritage and our home. Guard and keep them from another outsider who seeks to steal and destroy our culture. We are counting on you. Please don’t let us down. Remain independent and free and self-governing. Please.

Robert Coillean also writes about the disappearance of the memorial to the Tara Uprising HERE

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  1. kerdasi amaq says:

    I’m voting NO! This could be close, my own feeling is The Lisbon Treaty is going down.

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