EU Reduces Balkans To A Whitehall Farce

Chaos reigns in Serbia. Take the Serbian elections. Contrary to all the news reports put out for weeks by the EU, a coalition has been formed by the not-pro-EU parties, who will not join the EU unless Kosovo is still part of Serbia. This coalition has opted to run the City of Belgrade initially, and that means that they will also soon become the national government.

The EU-backed opposition are throwing a massive sulk, however, and are using a constitutional device to delay the commencement of the City Council by one month, so that Belgrade is left without a Mayor and a government.

In addition to this anti-democratic manoeuvre, the pro-EU parties are still making daily announcements that the not-pro-EU parties will not be forming the national government. They are stating publicly that the Socialists will break away from the not-pro-EU coalition and join their coalition, and so they are the ones, they claim who are now planning to form the next government. The Socialists, however are denying this, saying that the not-pro-EU coalition has a majority, and that the not-pro-EU parties have won the election. Like I say, chaos. See the full report from b92 Belgrade website HERE.

Then take a look at the state of Kosovo. The EU should be taking over from the UN on June 14th under an informal agreement, but the UN is unwilling to transfer over control of Kosovo without formal instructions from the UN Security Council. These instructions are not forthcoming due to successful Russian lobbying at the UN. In addition the EU is unwilling to deploy the full force of 2200 which includes police, and has instead sent only 300 staff to implement the EU takeover of Kosovo initially. They have asked NATO to carry out the policing role in the meantime.

NATO however say that they are in Kosovo as part of UNMIK, the UN Mandate In Kosovo, and their job is peace-keeping, not policing or protection of the EU delegation. They say that they are not willing to change their role without receiving clear instructions from the UN. See report HERE.

Finally the EU has offered Serbia the opportunity to apply for fast-track EU membership – the famous SSA – Stabilisation Agreement – but Belgrade says that confusingly the offer does not specify whether the offer is made to Serbia including Kosovo, or Serbia with Kosovo detached. Belgrade has asked the EU to clarify the offer, but so far has received no reply.

The EU has put out so much of a fanfare claiming to have won the election in Serbia, when the pro-EU parties have not won it, but lost it, that there is now a complete confusion throughout the world as to what the heck is actually going on.

To cap it all, Medvedev in his acceptance speech for his new office as President Of Russia said this week that the illegal occupation of territory and changing of borders without observing international rules, referring of course to what the EU is doing in Kosovo, will lead to destabilisation and warfare.

What a bloody cock-up the whole EU-Serbia-Kosovo thing has become, and that’s before it has even started. Brian Rix would have approved of this total farce, if any of you know who he was….Picture below borrowed from gives a clue.

Picture at top – the sight that the EU apparently cannot come to terms with, the Socialists shaking hands with the Nationalists. This coalition means the EU lost the Serbian elections, and did not win them as it is still claiming!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    So – the bloody EU cannot even sort out the governance of Belgrade City. This is of course the organisation that sees itself as a future super power which is going to take over from the US as the US fades away and which, in Europe, is filling the vacumn left by the former Soviet Union – or at least in their dreams !! Now for their next task after getting Belgrade sorted out they can have a go at Bradford Met District. Their is a much richer mix of cultures here in West Yorkshire than in ‘ethnically cleansed’ Belgrade and I am certain the EU can do a better job than the current Tory-Lib Coalition.

    Ivan The Yid from Bradford

  2. tapestry says:

    UPDATE – The EU dropped its requirement that an incoming Serbian government must recognise Kosovo if it is to be permitted EU entry.

    After that the pro-EU coalition did win power.

    The EU is, however, trying to use delaying tactics to pressure Serbia to hand over war criminals (while saying little about the criminals from the other side who escaped justice) and to prevent her from making full-on efforts to challenge Kosovan independence.

    Russian influence is strengthening after the South Ossetia fiasco, and the game plays on.

  3. Silverback says:

    I certainly never thought that one of my photos would end up on such a serious blog site.

    Thanks for adding the recognition or else I might have had to send over the heavies !

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