EU Victory Claims In Serbian Elections Doubted

With only half the votes counted in the Serbian elections, it seems that the results are going to be close, with the balance slightly in favour of the Nationalists. Only a week ago some polls were indicating an outright victory for the nationalist coalition, and effective humiliation for the EU. This now looks unlikely and the ultimate situation will depend on the typical coalition negotiations that take place in PR voting systems subsequent to elections.

The BBC, however reports the situation like this –

A statement from the EU’s Slovenian presidency welcomed a “clear victory” for pro-European forces, and said it hoped they would quickly form a government.

Full report HERE – including this picture captioned – The result is a clear boost for Serbia’s EU chances.

The claims put out by the BBC and other EU mouthpieces claiming outright victory for the pro-EU Parties is clearly misleading, and the BBC picture and caption stretches the facts to fit into the realm of dreams and fantasyland.

Al Jazeera, often able to see the news more clearly than the BBC reports the situation as follows –

Omar Khalifa, Al Jazeera’s correspondent in Belgrade, said that despite their victory claim, the pro-EU parties are in some difficulty.

Tadic’s party can only achieve 119 seats – or with the minority parties 122 at best – which is not enough to take the required 126 seat majority in parliament.

By contrast, the DSS, with the Radical party and the Socialist party, can realistically combine to produce 127 seats, giving them enough for a majority governing coalition.

If the EU had handled their dealings with Kosovo by negotiation with Belgrade, they would not now be losing support throughout Serbia. The EU takeover of Kosovo is still being challenged at the UN as illegal and is not permissible under UN Resolution 1244, which recognises Kosovo as part of Serbia. Only around 40 countries have recognised Kosovo, out of the UN’s near 200 membership.

The BBC has yet to mention these inconvenient facts.

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