EU Assists Terrorists Into Europe

According to credible intelligence, Islamic terrorists are waiting to move weapons and personnel into many parts of the EU from the Balkans, as and when the countries they are operating from, are given visa free and open ‘trading’ access to EU countries. The rush to include countries known to harbour terrorists to join the EU and NATO seems to be decidedly ill-advised. And yet the EU seems hell-bent on expanding as far as it can and as fast as it can, regardless of the consequences for people who will soon become the terrorists’ targets.

See this report from Balkan Insight –

According to Balkan Insight, citing the reports by the Nezavisne Novine (Banja Luka daily), which in turn took its information through anonymous intelligence sources “Muslim extremists are counting on Croatia’s fast-track European Union membership and expected liberalization of its visa regime, to move the weapons and explosives further into EU countries and use them for terrorist activities”.

Already 9 Bosnian Wahhabis are to be found in Guantanamo prison, and since 2001 there has been a continuous effort to disband the tens of Islamic NGO’s that were used to finance terrorist operations. The existence of an unspecified number of former Jihadi fighters that married local women, is still a major concern, since they were all recruited and operated under the aegis of organizations such as Al Qaeda and have formed Pan European support networks, especially in Central Europe and in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In the former Yugoslavic Republic of Macedonia, the Imam Bekir Halimi, was arrested recently by the authorities in Skopje due to his involvement in illegal funding by pro-terrorist organization. The Albanian descent Halimi received 2,115 euros payments from the Kuwaiti Organization “Revival Islamic Heritage Society” – RIHS-.

The Revival Islamic Heritage Society has been blacklisted by the United Nations because of their close ties to terrorist organizations, including Al Qaeda”, said Interior Ministry’s spokesperson, Ivo Kotevski. The money transfer through a swift account was done via Kuwaiti and two German banks eventually ending up on Halimi’s account.

RIHS has been accused of financing Al Qaida in Afghanistan, as well as extremist groups in Pakistan, under the pretext of humanitarian care and since the 11th of January 2002 it was classified in the UN’s black list of international organizations.

The organization operated over the previous years in Kosovo, Bosnia and Albania, whilst it seems that it aimed at penetrating FYROM through Bekir Halimi’s actions. According to reliable information himself was under supervision by the local security forces and he was also about to complete his work by importing into the country, radical Islamic figures from the Middle East.

It seems that he was a part of a larger plan of destabilization in the Southern Balkans and it would not be improbable as to assume that the revelations by the Italian paper for Bosnia are connected with those in Skopje. It is widely known that the Italian security services are especially active in the Balkans due to the perils this region entails for the security of Italy and in the past various operations were conducted in order to prevent terrorist attacks against the major Italian metropolitan centers.

The Balkans remains a hot bed for the Islamic driven terrorism in Europe and it should be noted that they still remain a convenient entrance for the transfer of radicals from the Middle East. In addition organized crime and illegal immigration are another two dimensions that contemplate the overall picture and should be addressed by the security agencies as a triangle of critical attention well over the coming years.

Bush has tended to see that pushing NATO and the EU eastwards quickly while Russia was incapacitated, was a good move. And yet Russia poses no threat to Europe, while the terrorists that Bush and the EU are helping, certainly are. It seems that there has been a grossly incorrect assessment as to where the threat to European countries could come from. Serbia too has been reduced, and Albanian gangsters permitted to subsume Kosovo. Whatever Serbs have done in the past, they are not terrorists and present no threat to European countries. The whole of western policy in the Balkan regions seem to be ‘arse backwards’ as they used to say on my Dad’s farm, and more about competing Empires than common sense.

Obama might have the answers.

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