The EU About To Eat Humble Pie In Serbia

The Serbian elections will take place tomorrow, and the EU is still out there pitching, somehow hoping to turn round the humiliation it is about to experience. It finds itself approaching direct confrontation with a newly-nationalist Serbia, backed by Putin’s Russia, Serbia’s steadfast ally.

The EU has nowhere to hide. It has committed itself to backing Kosovo’s so-called independence from Serbia – in reality the EU has awarded itself supervisory powers over Kosovo – and as Russia is now blocking the handover from the UN to the EU, the whole project is already in trouble.

To cap that, once the Serbs vote tomorrow to move back towards a longterm alliance with Russia, and away from the EU, as informed opinion says is inevitable, the EU will be facing a bottomless pit of humiliation in The Balkans.

It was unthinkable in Brussels that any small nation would have the courage and the strength to stand up against their grasping tentacles, as every country neighbouring the EU to date has caved in and joined up, often despite many mixed feelings, as with Poland.

Serbia, however, looks like being the first country to stand firm against EU threats and blandishments and to deliberately seek an alternative future outside the EU, not barred from trading around the world as it sees fit, like all other EU countries.

At last the limits of EU power are being seen, as Russia stands firm against it. The arrogance of Brussels will never be the same again.

See the forecast opinion for tomorrow’s elections from Serbianna HERE

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    Not necessarily oops. See my post of today giving the actual result. The pro-EU coalition is at least four seats short of a majority, and the nationalists are likely to form a government with the necessary 127 seats. What can I do about EU misreporting, which even you have been deceived by.

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