Crewe Says ‘We Want Change’.

The Crewe & Nantwich result tells Labour one thing clearly. Replace Gordon Brown now. John McDonnell MP has already opened up on Gordon, criticising his leadership, since the result, and hinting that he’s ready to start the bidding. Daily Referendum Blog says that McDonnell is unlikely to be the last.

But what about Nick Clegg? He made it clear last week that in a hung Parliament he would back David Cameron and allow him to form a government on condition of policy agreement. But with Conservatives hitting on the high 40s in elections and polls alike, the Conservatives are not likely to need him.

The Lib Dems make me laugh. Their share of the vote fell from 18.6% to 14.6%, but as Labour did even worse they can claim a relative statistical gain, that is a swing vis a vis Labour of 7%, which they are doing on their website See HERE.

The fact is that the Lib Dems might have expected to pull in second, given their formidable byelection record, but they only achieved half the number of votes that went to Labour. With the Conservatives on the rise, powered by public anger at Labour’s economic record, the Lib Dems are becoming invisible, or maybe they too are collecting some of the public anger for the mess that has been made out of Britain’s once formidable economy.

People want to dump Labour and see change. The Lib Dems are not going to deliver that. They offer nothing the voters need.

The Henley byelection, the seat vacated by London Mayor Boris Johnson will be next. If the Lib Dems don’t perform there either, Gordon Brown won’t be the only party leader vulnerable to replacement. Clegg could soon be on the slide too.

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