Clinton Deliberately Sabotaging Obama

FACT 1 – Hillary Clinton is not going to win the Democratic nomination.

FACT 2 – By not standing down she is damaging Obama’s chances and helping McCain’s.

Why would anyone want to do that and hurt her own Party’s chances of winning the Presidency in November?

PICTURE from an earlier Primary.

The Clintons are known to be big supporters of Supranational government agencies, such as the IMF, World Bank, the EU, and are friendly to the aims of the Bilderberg Group – that is, of achieving one-world-government, which they believe will end all war. This unfortunately has the rather contradictory result of supporting the fighting of wars such as Iraq or of adopting hostile approaches with other nations where the leaderships don’t conform to idealised standards – whether those governments represent a strategic threat to America or not.

The Clintons are friends of Blair, Gordon Brown and the current clutch of world leaders who support the Iraq War. They like to carry on a posture of hostility to politically incorrect Russia. They promote the imposition of pressure on China and others to improve their human rights record. As it happens, McCain shares an enthusiasm for exactly the same approach.

Only Obama wants a change in the stance of American foreign policy, saying it is ‘wisdom not weakness’ to talk to America’s enemies. He believes that American strategic interests should dictate American foreign policy, not some idealised notion of an unrealisable Utopia, which creates friction with countries who might otherwise become allies.

Obama wants America to be more open-minded about cultural differences around the world and accept the limitations of American power. Clinton and McCain, on the other hand are given over to the Bilderberg one-world-government view.

Clinton will no doubt carry on assisting McCain to defeat Obama, exactly as she is doing, dragging out the contest and trying to hurt him. It’s not the sour grapes of a loser. It’s the actions of someone still hoping to defeat their political enemy.

Hillary’s one-world-government buddies are worried about what Obama might do to their secretive programme – people like Rupert Murdoch, whose news reporting betrays a clear anti-Obama bias.

The American people are however, capable of common sense, and are interested by Obama’s message of hope – for more peace in their lives, and better relations with countries around the world. It took countries like Britain and America centuries to overcome appalling human rights abuses, and a little patience might not go amiss while the rest of the world catches up. Hillary Clinton however will be doing all she can to conttinue the current approach of American foreign policy, including sabotaging her own Party.

See this extract from British blogger Iain Dale –

Fewer phrases mean more to politicians that ‘for the sake of the party’. It is one which will Hillary Clinton is hearing a lot at the moment, as fellow Democrats implore her to withdraw from the Democratic race. After last night’ results in North Carolina and Indiana it is hard to see how she can win without dragging her party through a deeply divisive summer into a fractious convention. But that’s exactly what she seems intent on doing. Meanwhile, John McCain can’t believe his luck as his poll rating gradually improves, as his two rivals knock ten bells out of each other. Full article HERE

Or see the article in –

‘What does Hillary want?’ HERE

And listen to Hillary’s Campaign Communications Director. It’s like listening to a stuck record. And he’s talking gobbledygook. All very odd.

Blogger American Thinker has another theory based on prejudice against Obama being the problem, which I don’t buy. HERE

Whatever the reason, the effect is to damage the Democrats.

From CNN. Meanwhile, former Democratic contender John Edwards said Friday on NBC and MSNBC that Obama is the likely nominee. Edwards is not a superdelegate. Both the Clinton and Obama campaigns have heavily wooed the former senator from North Carolina since he ended his presidential run in January, but he has not publicly endorsed either candidate.

Edwards said Friday that he worried the continuing campaign could take a toll on the Democratic Party’s chances in November.
“I think it’s fine for Hillary to keep making the case for her,” he said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “But when that shifts to everything that is wrong with [Obama], then we’re doing damage instead of being helpful.”

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