Cameron Will Need A Majority Of 400

If the Crewe/Nantwich result was replicated nationally, Labour would lose 200 MPs and Lib Dems would be down to 30. Cameron’s majority would be huger than anything Blair got close to.

However if the public are serious about wanting taxes down, and a return of democratic accountability, Cameron will need to tackle the power of Brussels, and to do that, he will need such a majority, of around 400. Otherwise he won’t have enough leverage to take Brussels on. Cameron is not boxing himself in with a defined policy on Europe, but is going ahead with phrases such as ‘things cannot go on as they are doing’.

That is more or less what the people of Britain are feeling.

Brown may fall, but if it’s to be Milliband, who is a eurofanatic, there will be no attempt to do anything on his part other than lick Brussels’ boots. By the time Cameron gets into position as PM, the situation with the EU might be about as bad as you can imagine, with sterling gone and the country in total distress, overrun by immigration, drugs, crime, unemployment, high taxes and inflation.

There would hardly be a Labour MP left in the House Of Commons. Crewe & Nantwich will seem like a good score for Labour by then. Milliband would be hated even more than Brown. Change will have to come from somewhere, and it seems with Labour locked into a course running themselves over a cliff, it will have to be Cameron. But he will need the massive majority that voters are threatening to give him, if he’s to stand a chance of delivering the Britain that people want to see. Maybe democracy will come back to life in Britain in two years time. We have to hope.

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