The BRIC Takes On The EU Over Kosovo

Reported absolutely nowhere in the western media was the meeting of the BRIC – Brazil, India, Russia and China on May 15th at Ekaterinburg in Russia. These four emerging countries have combined populations that dwarf that of the EU and the US, and their economies are growing at a rate which means they will become bigger than the developed world some time in the next 30-40 years.

They issued a joint statement calling for talks on the status of Kosovo, between Belgrade and Pristina, but insisting that any settlement will have to based on international law. This is a direct attack on the attempted EU takeover of Kosovo which is widely seen as illegal by most countries at the UN, as it is in breach of UN Resolution 1244 which set up the UN mission to Kosovo. It specifically states that any setllement of Kosovo will have to be as part of Serbia.

Read a report of the meeting HERE.

The EU’s troubles in the Balkans don’t end there.

The EU falsely claimed to have won the elections in Serbia this week, which took place on the 11th May. Although the party that supports EU membership being given priority over the issue of Kosovo, won 39% of the vote, their coalition is unlikely to achieve a majority, which needs 127 seats in the Serb Parliament. It is more likely that the Nationalists will ally with the Socialists and form the next government, and block entry to the EU in favour of a longterm alliance with Russia and possibly other members of the BRIC.

The EU looks like losing Kosovo and Serbia, unless new negotiations are successfully started. The BRIC is able to see that a mess has been made by the EU and is attempting to sort it out as best can be done. The EU of course is entirely blind to the realities of the Balkans, and see them in purely eurocentric terms. The EU is always keen to impose its will on the rest of the world. Now it seems that the rest of the world wants to say a few things back to the EU, one of which is that the EU is not as powerful as it thinks it is, even within Europe.

The BRIC (from Russia Today) – BRIC countries have vast natural resources. Currently they have cheap workforces, as well as growing levels of consumption.

People living in these countries account for almost half the world’s population, while the combined GDP of Brazil, Russia, India and China is about $US 15.5 trillion.

Experts say that in the near future they could become the most economically powerful set of countries. It’s been predicted that their economies will overtake those of most of the world’s leading nations by 2050.

PICTURE – lifted from Russia Today – captioned ‘The BRIC – a winning hand.’

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