America Shames Herself

Al Jazeera is the only news network to provide balanced and true reporting around Serbia’s elections. The BBC has replicated the EU’s version that because the pro-EU Party had won 39% of the vote, making it the largest Party overall, it had ‘won’ the election. The problem is that a coalition of other parties has joined up to reach a clear majority and form the new government. The coalition does not include Tadic’s Party. Now, most shocking of all, the American Ambassador has joined in, talking the same anti-democratic nonsense as the EU.

From AJ –

Cameron Munter, the US ambassador in Belgrade, (Pictured) said on Thursday that a Socialist-Radical-DSS-NS coalition would be “surprising” because that it “wouldn’t be in line with the people’s will at the elections”.

“At the elections, the Serbian citizens clearly chose Europe and their country’s European future.

“We expect and hope that a Europe-oriented government capable of meeting the needs of its citizens will be formed, in keeping with that clearly expressed will,” he said.

In fact only 39% voted for Tadic and his Party’s willingness to sacrifice Kosovo in favour of fast track EU membership. That makes exactly 61% who voted otherwise.

Kosovo focus

The Socialists have said Kosovo is a priority
Branko Rusic, vice president of the Socialists, told Al Jazeera that they will talk to Tadic, because he won the election, but stressed that his party needed guarantees that no one will give up Kosovo for a uncertain European future.

“We need to have a government that keeps the national interests of Serbia,” he said.

“I mean a Kosovo inside Serbia according to resolution 1244 [which repects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of serbia].

“The citizens of Serbia proved that they needed much more social justice, and they did that by voting for us,” he said.

We are all used to the EU being unable and unwilling to accept democratic process, which brings the result it doesn’t want. But for America, the bastion of world democracy to be making anti-democratic statements is shameful. Americans take pride in the fact that the USA rescued millions from oppressive undemocratic regimes. Who would have thought that the day would come when America would be heading up European anti-democratic oppression of its own.

In Serbia the Nationalists have won the election, and America should publicly recognise that fact. The USA should not be drawn into the EU quagmire, which it is now allowing to sully its once golden reputation for freedom. Maybe Cameron Munter is a friend of Hillary Clinton, another American who doesn’t appear to accept that the clear cut results of open democratic process should be observed.

From apnews, Even after it was clear Obama was on a path to the nomination, Clinton hasn’t been able to resist the occasional jab such as criticizing his health care plan. And in a newspaper interview following her West Virginia win last week, Clinton noted she was beating Obama among “working, hardworking Americans, white Americans” – a characterization that drew widespread criticism. Clinton later said she regretted the comment.

The Al Jazeera correspondent in Belgrade is Omar Khalifa.

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  1. Simon says:

    The US only supports democracy when it gives the result it desires.

    It supported Pinochet, the failed coup against Chavez, and many other anti-democratic acts.

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