Conservatives Do It Better

The Telegraph today weighed into the debate about how the Conservatives should be handling the collapse of Brown-led Labour, Iain Martin offering his ideas HERE

The party must square the following circle.

Members of the middle class in their twenties, thirties and forties are considering voting Tory for the first time, but do not want right-wing head-banging.

This group’s assumptions about the size of the state, the role of the individual, and the purposes of taxation are undergoing a generational shift. This is at a tentative stage; the wrong signals could easily discourage.

But with other groups the problem is reversed. Aspirational, working-class Britain, the social layer above the underclass, appears to have had enough of crime, rising incivility and Labour interference.

Here, a rallying cry in right-wing rhetoric would seem most appropriate. But what would be the impact on those middle-class waverers?

The Conservatives are trying to bridge this gap, and while polls suggest some success, at some point there will need to be a synthesis, the creation of a single narrative (that ghastly word) explaining the mission.

The idea mentioned yesterday here about using the phrase ‘how low do we want to go’ would address the need for an overall theme, but it could be expressed as a positive. ‘How much better could we be doing?’ or even ‘ We do it better’.

It’s easier to sell a positive than a negative.

PICTURE – ideas anyone?

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