Leave Baying Tory Hounds In Kennels

Tory writers are out in strength advising either full-on attack (in the case of Iain Dale) or at least to up the anti a few levels, to take advantage of Labour’s 10% income tax band mess.

But hold on a minute. Why the rush?

People are shocked at Brown’s incompetemce. They have been fed a diet of propaganda for ten years informing everyone about the brilliance of Gordon Brown. Now people are paying the price of the Labour Big Lie with hard cash, their shock is turning to anger. Say what you like, their support is collapasing. A new generation is learning the hard way that good management of the economy is not to be found on the left side of the political spectrum. Never mind the propaganda, the game is finally up.

As people come to terms with the situation they find themselves in, they will look around for security and a way to survive Brown’s unbelievable mess. The penny will finally drop, and Conservatism will be back in fashion. No need to rush the process. Let people find their way back in their own way and in their own time. Just be there for them in a calm sympathetic way. It will take a long programme of reform and management skill to put the situation back into shape. Cool heads and strong stomachs will be required, and endurance of hard times, not the launch of hot-headed attacks to finish off Brown.

Brown and Labour are dead meat anyway, and don’t need killing off. Tory hounds baying for Labour blood might as well stay in their kennels. They are not any help to a nation in grief and distress at the loss of its economic strength.

You can understand the instincts of Conservatives who never doubted Brown’s incompetence, who’ve been forced into semi-silence by ten long years of a media fawning to Brown and his supposed brilliance. But they should remember the old adage and bide their time – Revenge is a dish best eaten cold.

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