“Haggis Is Leading Labour Party To Disaster”

A Labour Party genius has identified the problem at the core of the Party’s troubles. Lord Desai, a Professor at a top London institution, after ten years observing Gordon Brown at close range, amazingly has finally concluded that Brown possesses no leadership qualities at all.

(Daily Telelgraph)He added that the PM had recently appeared “indecisive” and “weak” and that the Labour party was “down in the dumps”.

The peer compared Mr Brown’s leadership style to “porridge, or maybe haggis,” adding: “It is not very persuasive if you don’t already agree with him.

“Gordon is a worrier with an academic approach to solving problems, but that does not always reassure people when they feel uncertain.”

The peer,(PICTURED here just after a static electricity experiment had gone badly wrong) who is Emeritus Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics, predicted the outcome of the upcoming local elections would prove crucial for determining Mr Brown’s fate.

Lord Desai’s intervention caps a difficult week for Mr Brown, who is currently visiting the USA in a trip which is has been overshadowed by the presence at the same time as the Pope.

Earlier in the week, the Chancellor, Alistair Darling, added to his problems by admitting the Government needed to “sharpen up”.

He said: “We have got to make sure that … we sharpen ourselves up, that we have a clear message of what we are about.”

Lord Desai has suggested that the Labour Party needs to be re-electrified and thinks the party can achieve this by returning to its roots. All of British industry should be nationalised, he says, including all banks and all building societies, while the Armed Forces should be put under French command as part of the European Rapid Reaction Force.

He’s backing David Milliband to remove all the uncertainty that Gordon Brown is currently inflicting on the Party.

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