Mr Bean Takes Over Western World

Reports of renewed Russian efforts to encourage Abkazia and South Ossetia to establish independence from Georgia show that Putin is pressing ahead with the threats he made at the moment the EU recognised the independence of Kosovo from Serbia. Western media reports do not mention this. See what is being said HERE

They are stating that Putin’s moves are a response to Bush’s attempts to recruit Georgia into NATO which Putin had requested should not happen. This is however not what Putin said, and there can be little doubt that if the EU had not pressed ahead with an imposed ‘solution’ in Kosovo, Putin would not have responded as he is doing in Georgia.

Now there are two potential regional flashpoints – Kosovo and Georgia’s breakaway republics. There is no way that NATO will fight to preserve the original borders of Georgia, so it is not sensible to be pressing ahead to form political alliances in the face of Russian opposition. Russia would fight to preserve her influence and control of her immediate neighbours, and has stated a willingness to use force in defence of Serbia. Western posturing without military commitment is not helpful.

It seems to be a lack of wisdom which drives George Bush and the EU on to trying to expand their influence into the areas of traditional Russian influence. Russia, if given a chance, would be a good ally in the wars in the Middle East, where trouble can be expected to continue or get worse. Surely Bush should give these priority and be looking to form a cooperative relationship with Russia. The Cold War might be over, but the west is toying with its options and not setting out its top priorities. Surely Afghanistan should be won before any more regions are pushed into instability.

The EU likewise is in denial of the destabilising affect its manoeuvres in Kosovo are achieving…to the extent that the bad effect they are having cannot even be mentioned. Britain knows that it has a Prime Minister with little ability to think out a strategic approach to problems. It seems though that the whole continent of Europe is similarly affected – as well as America under the George Bush regime. Mr Bean has taken over the western world.

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