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The story that broke last week about British PM Gordon Brown badging his new Progressive Governance programme with a thinly disguised Swastika (See HERE) grabbed the attention of major bloggers around the world. for example gave the story top billing. The story was viewed as being a bit of an eccentric manoeuvre, but the curiosity of the swastika took all the attention away from what Gordon Brown was actually saying.

Bureaucratic power grabs don’t usually declare themselves in advance, except in the most coded language. But on this occasion Brown is making it entirely clear what he intends. Just read his words.

The swastika sign was being used as the symbol for Brown’s proposed new international body whose declared task is nothing less than to bring about a restructuring of the post WW2 world order. The ‘restructuring’ is being presented as being essential as a response to the credit crunch, which is being blamed squarely on the United States, and the inadequacy of international economic supervision.

What Americans and others don’t seem to be yet taking on board is that Brown’s Progressive Prosperity has its origins in the European Union, and is an attempt to curtail the independence of the US to run its own internal economy.

Once the EU has estabished the IMF with enhanced powers, the intention is that It would be in a position to act in a supervisory role over the US Secretary of The Treasury, and in effect control the acts of a Greenspan or a Bernanke, and of course all other countries.

Gordon Brown explains –

Speaking at the start of the Progressive Governance conference of centre-left leaders and politicians, Mr Brown said that the old institutions established in the aftermath of World War II were now unable to cope.

“We now have to reshape our global rules and global institutions for this new era,” he said.

“We are facing a global financial crisis which is probably the first truly global financial crisis of the modern world.
“We have to reform our global financial institutions. It is absolutely clear that the national supervision that we have is inadequate and we need a global agreement.”

The prime minister said the International Monetary Fund (IMF) needed complete re-structuring so it could act as an “early warning system” for the international economy.

No doubt he’ll be hoping for a job running this new supranational body, and Americans will be delighted to have a Nazi-badged British ex-Prime Minister carrying out a supervisory role over them – not. The swastika denotes orderliness and control, and the colours and the spiral imposed over the top of that denote energy and creativity. It’s the ultimate example of a pictorial ‘We Know Best What’s Good For You’.

The only question to my mind is whether Americans will see what’s coming and railroad the attempt to limit their economy’s freedom of action. With Bush in his weakened political state, and McCain yet to establish authority, the EU sees this as the ideal moment to unpack the swastika and target the freedom, independence and sovereignty of the United States.

The Lisbon Treaty permits the EU to act as a single sovereign state and intervene in whatever it sees fit around the globe. The EU aspires to nothing less than world leadership. Bringing the US down a peg or two is number one on the agenda. People were aware that Europe would be changed by Lisbon, but what is becoming clearer by the month is that the world could also be changed if EU ambition succeeds.

However those the EU wishes to embrace and take under its wing should be mindful that the EU’s record of economic success is lamentable. Its growth rate is poor and its inflation and unemployment levels high.

The credit crunch happened because Asia needed markets and was prepared to lend to get them. China and Japan continued buying US Treasuries shoring up the dollar despite the level of the US fiscal and consumer debt. They were investing not for commercial but for strategic reasons. They in turn required the US to use the money to keep the US consumer market going as long as possible, which it did. And it carried the growth of the world for a decade.

Whatever the fallout from the credit crunch, and it will take a while for the world to absorb, it will be exactly the wrong reaction to now place the world’s economy into an EU-inspired straitjacket

Clinton seems to be going along with the new world order. Maybe he too is hoping for a job. I wonder what Senator Obama makes of it. Should America be welcoming an army of unelected bureaucrats to come and run their economy for them, swastika logo and all? It could be the thin end of the wedge.

See BBC Report HERE

Meet the new Head of the IMF HERE. Socialist, Eurocratic, French. No wonder the EU is using Gordon Brown as the ‘face’ to sell the new world order to the Americans and the English speaking world. Americans still believe Britain is the most influential country in the EU, according to polling.

(Under a Bilderberg deal, America keeps control of the World Bank while the IMF has been allocated to EU influence and leadership. What America might not have realised is that ‘International Monetary Fund’ will in EU hands become ‘International Monetary Government’)

UPDATE – US Teasury Secretary Paulson recently back from China joins the IMF promotion game. See HERE

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