British Prime Minister Adopts NAZI Symbol

You could hardly credit it, but the Downing Street website put out a new image yesterday, with campaign message – Promoting Prosperity – Progressive Governance Summit with campaign logo as below. It was spotted by British blogger Iain Dale as being based on the swastika, and he commented in his post ‘Government Removes Swastika Logo’. that the image would be removed within hours – which it was.

Mr Brown’s troubles seem to deepen by the week, as his position in polls sinks ever lower. In parliament, he was ridiculed by his opponents as being not so much like Stalin, as he had been once described, but Mr Bean. The badge stuck, as Brown’s government has lurched from crisis to crisis in rudderless fashion.

The latest PR folly complete with swastika opens up the possibility that Brown will be likened to another comic character from British TV – who became famous in the BBC programme Allo Allo, a spoof version of German occupied France in WW2.

Equally as incompetent as Bean, and equally selfish and bad-tempered, the one-legged Flick (2nd from left) makes a good parallel for Brown as he progresses into a more authoritarian phase in his Prime Ministership while his enemies close in around him. To quote Iain Dale, you couldn’t make it up!

Downing Street denies any swastika similarity. What do you think?

UPDATE – The Nazification of Britain proceeds apace. See HERE

UPDATE – April 7th 2008 – America should also be concerned.

The swastika sign was being used as the symbol for Brown’s proposed new international body which, inspired by the credit crunch (which is blamed squarely on the US), is heralding a new era of international financial supervision dominated by the European Union, which would appoint the IMF with enhanced powers in a supervisory role over the US Secretary of The Treasury and those of other nations.

Gordon Brown explains –

Speaking at the start of the Progressive Governance conference of centre-left leaders and politicians, Mr Brown said that the old institutions established in the aftermath of World War II were now unable to cope.

“We now have to reshape our global rules and global institutions for this new era,” he said.

“We are facing a global financial crisis which is probably the first truly global financial crisis of the modern world.
“We have to reform our global financial institutions. It is absolutely clear that the national supervision that we have is inadequate and we need a global agreement.”

The prime minister said the International Monetary Fund (IMF) needed complete re-structuring so it could act as an “early warning system” for the international economy.

No doubt he’ll be hoping for a job running this new supranational body, and Americans will be delighted to have a Nazi-badged British ex-Prime Minister carrying out a supervisory role over them.

For BBC Website Report, see HERE

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27 Responses to “British Prime Minister Adopts NAZI Symbol”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ridiculous – as if this Jewish-controlled politician would do such a thing!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh my … a British swastika symbol just like the jewish Holocaust disinformation.

    gosh, what’s next … gays getting sex changes !!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    If you stare at it long enough and look at a wall tell me what you see, theres also two eyes looking at you, who designed this thing anyway?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm! Not even close. But in order to excite the news purchasing/reading and great unwashed groups with fractious tickles, it will continue to make news. What y’all need on the islands is a bit of the Clinton episodes to properly tickle. TTFN

  5. Anonymous says:

    its in blue and clearly a swastika!! and for those who don’t realise it yet..Britain is a police state…just count the public camera’s and loss of privacy legislation…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Many cultures, very much older, use this symbol other than the nazis. I’m so sick of people freaking out over this symbol. The nazis stole this symbol. Give it back to its other contexts and don’t give it any more power in relation to WWII. This is so stupid.

    note: UK is clearly a police state.

  7. tapestry says:

    The swastika is 10,000 years old.
    It is not associated with either good or evil exclusively but with both, but at different times.

    From wikipedia – Ancient Sanskrit uses the Swastika symbol to represent ‘Health and Well Being’ and even now in Thailand the greeting ‘Sawasdee’ (Sawasdee-kup for male and Sawasdee-kaa for females) is used.

    The only question remaining is whether the UK today is or is not a Police State.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Are we not becoming a little bit over-sensitive about a swastika. We are indoctrinated by the media that a swastika means hatred on Hitler only. Are we crazy? Will we never overcome this? Hitler died 63 years ago but one keeps it going and going. And after all Hitler was not that bad. He was a national socialistic idealist and for a lot of people it might be better than a national kapitialist. But read this description in an encyclopedia and forget all that nonsense:
    swastika (
    Cross in which the bars are extended at right angles in the same clockwise or anticlockwise direction. Its origin is uncertain, but it appears frequently as an ancient good luck and religious symbol in both the Old World and the New. In Hinduism it is a symbol of good luck and goodness. In this religion it originates from a symbol for the sun, and takes the form of a cross in which the bars are extended at right angles, usually pointing in a clockwise direction. A swastika with clockwise bars was adopted as the emblem of the Nazi Party and incorporated into the German national flag 1935�45.
    The swastika was used as a religious symbol by the Buddhists and Jains. With anticlockwise bars, it is commonly used on maps to indicate a Buddhist temple.
    In Hinduism swastikas are often used to decorate mandir (temples) and shrines, or incorporated into mandalas and rangoli patterns, used for meditation.
    The swastika is to be found on early Elamite ceramics of the 4th millennium BC, as well as on ceramics of the 2nd and 1st millennia BC from Troy, Greece, Cyprus, India, Tibet, China, and Japan. It was also used among American Indians, and is found in Christian inscriptions from the 2nd century onwards. It appears in heraldry, where it is known as fylfot (from �fill-foot�, a pattern to �fill the foot� of a painted window) or crosse cramponn�e.

  9. Anonymous says:

    It was not occupied Brussels, it was occupied France

  10. Anonymous says:

    Even the peace symbol has it’s origins in British cult circles, as a representation of a broken cross turned upside down.
    Stupid limeys.

  11. tapestry says:

    anonymous at 6.12 am is a troll. had five similar comments all sounding the same, deleted them. someone’s trying to rubbish the thread.

    5.37 am – you’re right. It was in France.

  12. Chalcedon says:

    The Swastika that the Nu Lab gov commissioned, no doubt at great expense, just sums up this despicable government and their gestapo-like policies. ID cards (parpers please) and surveillance society. They must go and go quickly.

  13. At least they’re not pretending any more! I honestly reackon they’re convinced we’re all too stupid to spot it! They’re having a good laugh about how they hide things in plain sight, and how we don’t spot them. Well I hope they’re spotting this webpage! If they change the logo then it’s because they’ve been rumbled!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Let’s face it folks. Under the swastica Germany became a prosperous nation and a world power. Under old Gordon’s pseudo symbol Britain will become an impoverished, multiracial, 3rd world country.

  15. Anonymous says:


    This emblem is a non-cleverly disguised Swastika. If not, why was it taken down so fast from the original site? These slimey skulking demons are so desparate now that they are waving their flags in our faces. Socialism, Naziism, Communism, Fascism, Corporatism, etc. are all tools of these inbred psychopaths…and they all lead to the same deadend – global feudalism…aka. our slavery and submission to a Satanic Death Cult.

    The good news is that their plan is doomed for failure, because their Scientific Dictatorship did not take into account God’s Plan for Humanity…which is life affirming. In the final act, The Almighty makes a long awaited appearance. The insectoid creatures who have held humanity in its clutches thoughout the last few thousand years will be smashed under the heel of some very large boots, and then they will be dispatched to the recycling bin to become compost…hopefully, then they will learn their lesson and play nice the next time round.

  16. tapestry says:

    I’ve deleted about a dozen total ‘nutter’ comments during the day. I thought I’d let the occasional one get through so readers can delight in the genre.

    I am most concerned by the nazification of Britain as in the link in the post.

    America should awake to the attempt being made by Gordon Brown to bring you under the bureaucratic jackboot, swastika and all.

    BTW that’s why I left the UK and live in the Philippines.

  17. Anonymous says:

    The current financial system is a failure—it doesn’t even bother to plan for education, health and global ecology. Instead, its premise is an elite, animal model: survival of the fittest animal, promotion of sociopaths. See any alternatives?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Many cultures, very much older, use this symbol other than the Nazis. I’m so sick of people freaking out over this symbol. The Nazis stole this symbol. Give it back to its other contexts and don’t give it any more power in relation to WWII. This is so stupid.
    Yes but it went the opposite way.Arms were L’s but swastika go’s backwards L.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Remember the pokemon toys?They had the one card had the reverse swastika on it?The Jews had a tizzy about it and made them discontinue it?The Japanese said it was a symbol went way past the swastika.Said it meant good luck or something like that.I remember it because I tried to find one.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Methinks they do protest too much.

  21. HPS says:

    And I say this as a Nordic/Germanic hybrid:

    It doesn’t matter if the Hindus and ancient Europeans thought about swastika, a symbol that hails from Neolithic times. What matters is the context today, and what THEY (the developers of this organization) mean by using it.

    These folks are masons. This is occult/kabalistic symbolism to them. To them it’s not a symbol of evil or death camps; rather, it means the same thing to them as it did to Hitler, who was also an occultist. (Thule society) Power, majesty, fortune, luck. It certainly is a perfectly grand symbol for the All Powerful State of their dreams and fantasies, yes?

    Remember: A significant number of Indians in India are Aryan, so there is a connection between the eastern and western uses of the symbol.

    Also, since they’re so steeped into the occult they probably have no “choice” but to use the symbols offered by their esoteric tradition. So . . . if not the swastika, what?

    They probably think they tried hard to hide it. Such a pretty purplish blue pinwheel, yes? Pity the sheep aren’t dumbed down enough yet to accept it. Time to add more chemicals to the drinking water.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Lol.. what a storm in a tea cup lol
    Allo’ Allo was set in France not Belgium. What are these crisis that Gordon Browns government lurch between? Who compares Brown to Stalin? Is it the infamous Right-Wing Tories? And the ‘Nazi symbol’ lol is more reminiscent of an inverted ‘Recycling logo’ than any Nazi Swastika.

  23. How Britain could let the worst financial planner in recent memory – who sold half of England’s gold at the lowest possible price of $250 an ounce – become Prime Minister instead of sitting in a jail cell is beyond me. But he inherits a tradition or corporatist/fascism that began with Thatcher, blossomed under Major and Blair and now sits atop British society like a a huge bird of carrion. Why should a vulture not show its stripes when it is clearly dominant?

    The fact is that Britain pioneered concentration camps in the Boer Wars and it pursued ruthless racial genocide during the Sepoy rebellion and Opium Wars, so if anything this swastika is Britain heralding a return to its cherished old ‘White Man’s Burden’ roots. Only this time instead of targeting ‘darkies’ the Brits are into oppressing everyone who isn’t part of their little national socialist state apparatus.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Its fascinating to see how the unelected Gordon Brown continually openly promotes the ‘New World Order’ and nobody seems to notice. Never mind stupid symbols, at the end of the day these things are irrelevant. The swastika goes back thousands of years before it was eventually borrowed by the Nazis. This man is the most dangerous prime minister the UK has had. He is literally a puppet for the unseen financial elite.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Don’t mention the ‘war’s’ and don’t mention Bush, Bush or Reagan.


  26. Anonymous says:

    Quite a few people are commenting on the true age of the original swastika design and its original usage and intention. What needs to realized is this is not the same swastika as those you mention, the one of PEACE. It is INVERTED, much like the pentagram is inverted for use in satanic rituals and exactly the same as the design used by the Nazi’s. Gordon Brown(shirt) and co have many people employed who thoroughly check, evaluate, design, redesign and approve such abhorrent creations. This was no accident and as said prior the fact it was removed so quickly just adds to the fact this is another example of them hiding things in plain sight so they can have a good laugh and clear their conscience, because hey “they showed us what they are doing but we are too stupid to notice” according to their stunted and psychotic mindsets.

  27. Anonymous says:

    The swastika represents the “Black Sun.” This was also used by the Tibetians, and we also know that Hitler sent exploring troops up there to discover answers which had been hidden for thousands of years. Any idiot who thinks that the Nazis stole it clearly is an idiot. The reason all these cultures use the same symbol is because they are all idolising the same cause. What exactly is it about this which makes it so difficult for humans to understand. Oh no, our government couldnt possibly lie about 9/11. Oh no, WW2 couldnt possibly have been caused by the Zionist Jews… Oh no… !!
    The fact that Gordon Brown is now using a swastika is because he too is a freemason sun worshipper. Only they dont celebrate the same sun as us (Jezus = the sun), they celebrate the black sun = the swastika. Please people…open your minds…

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