BBC Stage-Manage Abuse Of Olympic Torch In London

What a farce. The BBC Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq who has got form for her inappropriate political interventions (see HERE) has now managed to take part in a stage managed grabbing of the olympic torch in London. She stopped running, turned to the supposed unexpected demonstrator looking almost delighted and not a bit surprised when he grabbed hold of the torch. It did all look ever so slightly arranged.

Her long-running Blue Peter career, even outstripping Valerie Singleton’s marathon session as a presenter on the show, has established her as a presenter, but really her acting skills are lamentable. It was so blinking obvious. If she wants to go into politics why doesn’t she do the decent thing and stand for election as a Labour candidate, instead of making a mockery of herself, and London’s ability to manoeuvre a single torch through its streets without mishap, even with hundreds of police in attendance?

The BBC piece above covering these ‘shocking’ events, abusing the tradition of the olympic torch (all in fact planned, executed and and performed by BBC employees) finishes up with a long quotation from the venerable Konnie about how so much good can come out of the western media dragging the Chinese olympics down to the level of a Whitehall farce.

If it wasn’t so embarrassing, it would be exactly that.

UPDATE – The real reason there’s rioting in Tibet – see HERE. And it’s got little to do with Konnie Huq’s BBC inspired nostrums.

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