Argentina Eying Second Falklands Conflict

With the British Army bogged down in Iraq and Afghanistan, and with our navy reduced to a fraction of its 1982 capability, the Argentine President and Vice President have opened up a war of words against Britain’s continuing ‘occupation’ of the Malvinas (Falklands) Islands.

The Argentine government is under stress and needs a distraction. It has imposed an export tax on soya beans in an attempt to keep food prices down for poor people, who as elsewhere in the world are being driven to desperation by rapidly rising food prices. In turn farmers have reacted angrily and are reducing supplies to the cities of meat. There are alternative riots to join – either about food prices, or about inappropriate government intervention against farming ( as farmers see it).

The Argentine government wants to take peoples’ minds off its food troubles, and if anyone reading this remembers 1982 and President Galtieri similarly in desperation and in need of shoring up support, it will set alarm bells ringing.

Vice President Julio Cobos said in the southern city of Rio Grande that “we must recover this territory that is ours, that belongs to us.” And President Christina Kirchner (pictured) recently denounced “this shameful colonial enclave in the 21st century.”

If an emergency occurs, I cannot see Gordon Brown reacting like Thatcher and sending a task force, or ordering the sinking of ships like the General Belgrano (pictured). With Democrats and anti-war in the USA in the ascendant, the white flags this time would undoubtedly be British.

Britain’s EU colleagues would no doubt take the Argentine side, but make conditions as to a human rights agenda before offering full support, (as the EU is already doing in the Philippines, which is being coerced to take part in EUJAM (EU Joint Assistance Mission) in order to secure an EU trade deal. See HERE.

Since Lisbon, the EU is fast beginning to see itself as a self-appointed world government, and is looking to orchestrate and interfere in the internal affairs of many countries of the world. Maybe Brussels overtures are behind the new Argentine moves on the Falklands. It wouldn’t be beyond the realms of possibility.

See full AFP report on the Argentine situationHERE

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