Why The Democrats Will Choose Obama

All the news coverage trying to keep the Obama/Clinton story running as long as possible is all so much wasted slices of timber, and reporter’s breath. There is one crucial fact which guarantees that Obama will win the Democratic nomination, which is rarely mentioned.

From THIS REPORT on Xinhua (China News), you can see the crucial facts easily enough –

While Clinton still leads among white Democrats, her edge shrank to eight points (49 percent to 41 percent) from 12 points in early March (51 percent to 39 percent).

That seems to refute widespread speculation — and fears among Obama backers — that the Illinois senator would lose white support in his bid to be the nation’s first African-American president over the controversy surrounding his former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr. of Chicago.

Had that erosion happened, party leaders’ reassessment of Obama’s electability could have tipped the race in Clinton’s favor.

For Obama, weathering the episode could strengthen his standing among party leaders nationwide — or the super delegates — whose votes will likely break the impasse.

Meanwhile, in hypothetical match-ups for November’s general election, Obama still edges Republican presumptive nominee Sen. John McCain of Arizona by 44 to 42 percent.

That is nearly the same result as in the early March poll.

But Clinton, who likewise had a narrow advantage over McCain in the earlier survey, trails in this one by two points, 44 percent to his 46 percent.

The poll was conducted March 24-25, a week after Obama delivered a generally well-received address on race.

It is inconceivable that Democratic Superdelegates will nominate Clinton who could lose to McCain, while they can have Obama, who will win. The game is over.

Once this tussle is sorted out, and Clinton is not likely to withdraw until she absolutely has to do so despite calls for her to pull out, the attention will swing back again onto who exactly is Barack Obama.

His childhood was extremely interesting, as he spent four years in Indonesia where he was undoubtedly raised as a Moslem. His birth father was a Moslem and his step-father also. That might suggest that his mother too, who is the biggest influence in his life, according to commentators must be a Moslem also. And yet Obama never draws attention to any of this, and is prone to denial.

From EU Digest (See full article HERE

Mr. Obama raised as a Muslim by his stepfather in Indonesia

In two best-selling autobiographies—”The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream” and “Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance”—Mr. Obama, born in Honolulu where his parents met, mentions but does not expand on his Muslim background, alluding only to his attendance at a “predominantly Muslim school.” His father was black and came from Kenya. Mr. Obama’s mother, the daughter of a farmer, came from Wichita, Kansas.

Mr. Obama’s parents divorced when he was two years old. His father returned to Kenya. Later, Mr. Obama’s mother married an Indonesian student and the family moved to Jakarta. Mr. Obama returned to Hawaii when he was 10 to live with his maternal grandparents. The sources said the background check concerned Mr. Obama’s years in Jakarta.

In Indonesia, the young Obama was enrolled in a Madrassa and was raised and educated as a Muslim. Although Indonesia is regarded as a moderate Muslim state, the U.S. intelligence community has determined that today most of these schools are financed by the Saudi Arabian government and they teach a Wahhabi doctrine that denies the rights of non-Muslims.The young Obama was given the name Hussein by his Muslim father, which the Illinois Democrat rarely uses in public.

So often the strong leaders that revolutionise countries are outsiders – Hitler an Austrian, Stalin a Georgian, Napoleon a Corsican – to give some none too flattering comparisons!. Rarely do those who introduce big changes come from within the system they change. Thatcher was from outside the traditional Tory ruling class. Obama too is an outsider. This black Moslem is unlikely to leave America looking much like the one that is about to elect him.

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  1. John McCain is a white man. So are 74% of Americans. Mr Obama is a black man. So are 12% of Americans.

    As I believe they say over there, you do the math!

  2. tapestry says:

    Somehow I think the Republican will pick up the ‘credit’ for the credit crunch… America wants to get into the black!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow, American politics and its media both over televised broadcast and internet post. This post was Subject” Why democrats will choose Obama, reasons were given for him to be the nominee, and at the end of it all,his teenage background was biographed briefly being a muslim which will easily scare the naive Americans away in order for him not to be voted as the qualified and electable democrat canditate, nobody is a fool, well some are, I am not, only the wise would read this post and understand what it means, the fool would actually fall prey to the game played.

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