Off To Beach Today

Health been a bit variable of late with symptoms of light-headedness, poor energy and bad balance. Sometimes immersion in salt water has rectified these symptoms in the past, and given me an energy boost so I’m going to give that another go. The sea near the City is far too dirty so a trip to Mindoro, the next island below Luzon seems to be in order.

All organised since 11 am tis morning Sunday, I’ve hired an all day taxi for GBP 30 to drive us to a beach four hours from the city centre where a boat will meet us for a one hour sea crossing for another GBP 30. Return leg costs the same. Then we stay in paradise in a house built by a Brit, surrounded by exotic trees , birds and views across the bay – a 10 minute launch ride from the nearest town all for GBP 40 a night, food charged at shop prices extra, cooking and two house staff and boatman included. Five people will holiday in luxury in paradise for GBP 250 for 3 nights. Blogging will not be happening til I get back, as I’m not taking laptop. Shame as the house has wi-fi but the ‘wife’ forgot to bring it back after borrowing it! Probably have a better holiday without it though! Back Wednesday.

Politics here is focusing on the survivability of President Arroyo who seems to be involved in large scale corruption with Chinese companies, also agreeing in secret behind the backs of the rest of Asean (who met in the Philippines last year amid much fanfare) to permit China to carry out geo-seismic surveys of the ocean floor – coming right close up the Philippines. All done in secret and highly concessionary to China. She has probably acted unconstitutionally as she did not even inform the Philippine foreign office what she had agreed to.

She has lost my sympathy in the process, and that of many others. Her economic management has been competent, and many locals are pleased enough with that, and they forgive the corruption in exchange for the limited progress the economy has made.

Picture taken on last trip to Visayan Islands in December.

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