London Woman Bitten By Rat On Toilet

Further evidence of a collapse in standards in public service in Britain, if any were needed, comes from this story of a woman in Greenwich who was bitten by a rat while sitting on the loo HERE. She called the Council for help and was told that she would have to wait at least two weeks for a rat catcher to come out, unless she would pay a sum of money beyond her means. She’s now pissing in a bucket, and using the neighbour’s loo as her flat is overrun.

She sounds like a Labour voter, poor girl.


Rats are good underwater swimmers, and it’s no problem–believe it or not, they actually have movies of this–for rats to stroll along a horizontal soil pipe from the sewer, swim through the water-filled piping inside the toilet, and emerge in the toilet bowl. If the soil pipe runs vertically for five or six feet or more, though, you’re probably safe.

I underline the word “probably.” I have a note here from a Teeming Millionth employed as a janitor who claims that every rat he has ever found in a toilet during his professional career was in a top-floor apartment. From this he deduces that the rats get up on the roof, enter the soil pipe through the roof vent, and lower themselves down the pipe and into the john. Screening off the roof vent supposedly cures the problem. Just thought I’d mention it.

I don’t suppose rat catchers are authorised to criticise the Council Building Maintenance Department, and so for purely internal Council political reasons, rats have an entree into Council homes. No wonder privatisation worked, and public services don’t. Mind you, that hasn’t stopped Labour spending an extra GBP 1 billion a day on them, doubling the average family’s tax bill in ten years.

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