Gordon Brown’s A Bloody Coward

Reports of renewed bombings in Iraq killing up to a hundred and wounding many more, is enough to make most people’s minds glaze over. It’s appears like endless mind-numbing violence, which offers no hope.

And yet the main opposition to the American presence in Iraq, Al Sadr, the Shiite cleric has seen the light. By bombing endless numbers of his fellow citizens and causing countless deaths, he has found that, surprise surprise, his political support has waned. He called a ceasefire last year which he has decided to extend. He has admitted this week that suport for his campaign of resistance to the Americans has steadily eroded.

The perpetrators of the latest bombings are either breakaway groups from Al Sadr, who a bit like the Continuity IRA, don’t want to call a halt despite their leadership’s decisions, or more likely, it’s Al Quaeda, still operating from within the Sunni side, trying to make a comeback and ensure that Iraq remains a bed of nails for the Americans.

The lesson that Al Sadr has learned, like the IRA did in Britain in the 1970s is that there is a trade-off for violence. If your violence achieves its political goals quickly, as did the Madrid bombings which got Spanish troops out of Iraq pronto, then all well and good. But if you are forced into repeating horror attacks over and over again, to push your enemy to breaking point, you start to lose the political support of the populations you terrorise.

This is the weakness of Al Quaeda. They believe that violence will win their political battles for them. In fact violence as all previous believers have demonstrated from Adolf Hitler onwards, becomes self defeating. The initial thrill Moslems felt as seeing Americans beheaded on video, or troop carriers being obliterated in fire balls, tends to lesson once their own neighbourhoods have been bombed and many of their own people killed and wounded.

The final excellent propaganda for the Islamist cause is to see what kind of societies they create once they do achieve dominance as in Afghanistan under the Taliban, or in Chechnya now where an Islamist government has been permitted to rule by Putin. Women are treated worse than dogs (see the link. The New York Times video cannot embed due to the request of the victims), and their societies return to the middle ages. Al Quaeda will defeat itself in time, but the world must in the meantime, continually be shown the results of its murderous and brutal ways.

The propaganda war is essential to ending Al Quaeda’a violence in the long run, although for now Al Quaeda and Al Quaeda inspired violence represents the deadliest threat to Britain and most other countries in the world. It is a battle we cannot afford to lose.

In the UK, however the political propaganda is completely missing the point to the extent that now British forces in uniform are habitually verbally abused by their own people. Gordon Brown the Prime MInister should be fighting the evils of the world, not contributing to them by hiding away and remaining silent, lending tacit support to the growing anti-war movement.

If Churchill or Thatcher were in Downing Street, they wouldn’t miss a moment to portray Al Quaeda in their true colours. Brown is simply a bloody coward. While Brown’s in charge, Al Quaeda have a propaganda free run in Britain. Evil has the advantage. Mass murder is taking place, and in Britain the perpetrators are not being made to pay the propaganda price their actions deserve. Brown is responsible for fighting the propaganda war. Lose that and you could end up having to fight a real war. Yet he isn’t even trying.

UPDATE – See Frederick Forsyth on www.conservatives.com on the shabby way Britain’s Armed Forces are treated by Gordon Brown- as follows

The Military Covenant has been betrayed at every level these past ten years and not by our serving men and women buy by the Government. From equipment in the field through casualty evacuation, post-injury care and trauma support; from family care and adequate home time, leave time and training time – at every level the young men and women of the Armed Forces have carried out their side of the concordat. At no level has the Government done the same.

and see a CNN report 1 of how Iraqi women and others are risking their lives to take advantage of the opportunities created by the American presence in Iraq, and how they cope with everyday life by ignoring the mayhem going on around them.

While the next CNN video report after the above link, sourced from ITN, called ‘UK’s Brave Honoured’ features the contribution being made by British Armed Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, and that all they ask is the support of people back home, and not to be forgotten.

In the battle between good and evil, Gordon Brown’s a prime liability, much in need of removal.

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4 Responses to “Gordon Brown’s A Bloody Coward”

  1. kerdasi amaq says:

    The people who used “violence” against Hitler obviously succeeded.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Gordon Brown is a waste of spunk!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Mr Putin (Pukin) is a waste of spunk!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Boris for prime minister He couldn’t fuck up more than Brown and he’s got more royal connections than Prince Charley.
    At least he’s bloody popular which is more than can be said for the grinning ape currently hiding in number 10.
    Get out Gordon the moron and give little Boris the job!

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