US Snub Pushes Russia Into Chinese Arms

George Bush’s decision to snub Russia’s attempts to negotiate an end to NATO expansion into what it considers her own traditional sphere of influence, has had the inevitable result of pushing Russia and China yet closer together. Stratfor the global strategic consultants reported last week that Putin offered not to kick up up fuss over the UDI of Kosovo in exchange for Bush backing off from Ukraine, Georgia and other countries that might be tempted to join NATO. Bush didn’t even wait a week after the visit by gates and Rice to Moscow, before publicly stating that he was willing to supply arms to Kosovo, and offering Georgia an opening to begin her application to join NATO.

Putin is now inevitably drawn further towards China, strengthening their mutual interest in resisting American attempts to destabilise their internal affairs and their international relationships in places like Serbia, Tibet and so on. See HERE The EU and the US have a shared arrogance that their systems of government and their record on matters of human rights are superior, justifying intervention either by news propaganda, political courtship of separatist areas and military invasion. Yet the US and others are guilty of starting the Iraq war, and are undermining the stability of many regimes that provide stability to large sections of the world’s population.

The idea that these interventions are assisting the war on terror, are hopelessly off the mark. By destabilising nation states, Al Quaeda is finding its work easier to carry out – notably in Iraq, and in Kosovo. Regional warfare is also facilitated with, for example Turkey now having to fight to keep the Kurds from troubling her eastern provinces.

The US and the EU don’t have the military strength to back up their ambitions. They cannot fight endless wars as in Iraq, and they don’t have the economic and political strength to provide sufficient relacement for the nation states they wish to undermine. It is time that the EU’s and Bush’s international arrogance was halted, and replaced with the kind of more conciliatory and realistic approach advocated by Barack Obama.

The watchword should be peace and stability first. Idealistic warfare and propagandising unpleasant regimes should be reigned back. Roll on November, and the chance of a change in US foreign policy. As for the EU, there is no end in sight to the growing arrogance of Brussels as regards foreign policy, with its Lilliputian military capability, and unwillingness to engage militarily to back up its political posturing.

President Medvedev today warns Europe and the US not to push on with NATO expansion, as it is threatening regional stability. See HERE – while his jets enter an exclusion zone in US airspace in Alaska. See story HERE. Bush is needlessly polarising the world into two opposing camps. You would have thought the War on Terror was enough trouble to be going on with.

UPDATE – It seems that many more countries wish to stand together to resist American and European influences.

From Associated Press – China Welcomes Iran Wish To Be Member Of Shanghai Group

March 25, 2008
NEW YORK (Dow Jones)–China welcomes Iran’s wish to become a full member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which groups China, Russia and Central Asian nations, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said Tuesday, Kyodo News reported.

But Tehran’s wish to be upgraded from observer status still requires discussion by the group, spokesman Qin Gang said at a regular press conference, according to Kyodo.

The organization is considered by some in the region as a counterbalance to influence from the U.S., Kyodo said.

Iran has participated in SCO meetings in the past as an observer.

The Central Asian nations in the grouping are the former Soviet states of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

It seems that the US might have wasted the opportunity it had to isolate Iran, by offending Russia.

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6 Responses to “US Snub Pushes Russia Into Chinese Arms”

  1. Anonymous says:

    “Turkey now having to fight to keep the Kurds from troubling her eastern provinces.”

    I suspect that they view this as more of an opportunity than a threat.


  2. tapestry says:

    I doubt any country enjoys regional instability.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Analysed cynically: if you are the strongest militarily, instability has no real downside and only potential upsides. They now have an increaed freadom of action in northern Iraq.

  4. Anonymous says:

    edit :

    Analysed cynically: if you are the strongest militarily, instability has no real downside and only potential upsides. They now have an increased freedom of action in northern Iraq.

  5. tapestry says:

    Many others have suffered from that delusion. Including Hitler, Napoleon for example. They also came unstuck by wrongly imagining Russia a pushover.

  6. tapestry says:

    THIS from the IHT shows the Russians winning European support for a deal, to stop further NATO expansion.

    They’re just playing Bush out as he tries achieve a ‘legacy’, keeping him embroiled in negotiations over the missile shield.

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