Albanian Gangsterism Is Running The Balkans

Today news comes from Pristina the day after George Bush agrees to ship arms into Kosovo, that Albanian gangs are openly fighting each other, unreported on western media channels for whatever reason. At least 13 are said to have been wounded yesterday according to a Russian news service.

As someone said recently, ‘there are enough guns in Kosovo, Mr Bush. What are needed are talks.’

Also reported on Serbianna is that the head of the Yugoslav War Crimes Prosecutions Carla Del Ponte, writing in her new book ‘The Hunt’, to be published on April 4th in Italy, indicated the reason why so many Albanian War Crimes have gone unpunished while the Serbs have been pursued –

as follows –

UN personnel feared for their lives in Kosovo while some of the judges presiding over the Hague Tribunal for former Yugoslavia were in fear from Kosovo Albanians that have committed atrocities against Serbs and that is why very few cases of Kosovo Albanian war criminals have been prosecuted, writes Carla Del Ponte, former Chief Prosecutor of the UN Tribunal, in her new book.

“I am sure that some of the top UNMIK and even KFOR officials feared for their lives and the lives of their missions’ members,” says Del Ponte.

Del Ponte’s new book “The Hunt” details her work as the chief war crimes prosecutor for former Yugoslavia.

“I think that some of the judges of the Tribunal for Yugoslavia were afraid that the Albanians might come and get them,” writes Del Ponte.

In her book, Del Ponte details her meeting with the current so-called Prime Minister of Kosovo, Hashim Taci, at the 5th Anniversary of the Dayton Peace Treaty that ended the Bosnian conflict and says that, while sitting at a table, Taci admitted to her that Kosovo Albanians committed atrocities.

Those atrocities, also said Taci, were not done by the Kosovo Liberation Army, the KLA, of which he was the leader but, instead, atrocities were committed by regular civilian Albanians only dressed up in KLA uniforms.

It seems taking Carla Del Ponte’s opinions and those expressed by the Gerard Gallucci, Head of UNMIK in Mitrovica that those who really know what has gone on and is going on in Kosovo, that the relaxed attitude being taken by the US in particular and by the EU and the UN towards Albanians in Kosovo is likely to be regretted at some point. It seems that the Serbs operate with ruthless efficiency when they are being aggressive, but they are capable of respecting a peace, while the Albanians are not.

Gerard Gallucci’s ‘Report After Defeat’ criticisng UNMIK’s dawn raid on the Mitrovica Courthouse, was reproduced in my post ‘UN Mitrovica Head Resigns’ – as follows –

“One positive aspect is that during the events Monday, Serbs did not disturb or attack Albanians in northern Mitrovica, and they cooperated with UNMIK during the evacuation of our civilians,” Gallucci said.

Some Albanians live in the north of the divided town, while there are no Serbs in the southern, Albanian part.

More evidence of Albanian ethnic cleansing of Serbs –

“Our credibility and relations necessary for our peacekeeping role in the north have been seriously, perhaps irreversibly jeopardized. Now we can all see that Serbs have a clear goal, that they are well-organized and well-armed. The Serb community in the north, regardless of whether people like Marko [Jakšić] and Milan [Ivanović], will gather around their ‘radical’ leadership, if it is directly provoked. Reaction to any attempt of their arrest would be fierce,” the paper, entitled, “Report after defeat”, says.

“All in all, it must be clear that the use of force to achieve political goals related to the status will not work. Just as we have said many, many times before… the use of force will only lead to violence that will probably accelerate the partition or will lead to new ethnic cleansing and conflict. This must be kept in mind when future decisions are made about UN courts, railways, electricity.”

Gallucci also suggested that UNMIK must “admit its mistakes and repent for what has been done” in order to continue communicating with the Serbs in the north.

“Albanians must be made to understand clearly: leave the north to us, live in peace and stop threatening with violence.

It is quite extraordinary that Albanian violence and threats of violence always go unreported, while Serbian responses are broadcast worldwide. The handling of Kosovo is hopelessly one-sided in every way.

We heard that Premier Thaci’s been telling people he’s been “having trouble controlling the Drenica boys”.

That sounds like a nice threat to keep UNMIK working on the Albanian side, and one which successfully forced the UN’s hand into the Courthouse attack, resulting in at least one fatality and 130 people being wounded.

We did not annul the unilateral declaration of independence because we could not stop it.

although Gallucci would clearly have liked to stop it if he could, by the sound of it.

By the same token, we cannot force those who reject it to accept it. Not only have we no moral or legal basis to use force, but it yields no results,” Gallucci concludes his damning report.

These two experts are telling us in simple and clear language that Albanian gangsterism is sufficiently feared that the UN and the EU are too often making their decisions out of personal fear for the Albanians. At some point this is bound to backfire. If the world allows the biggest and least-law abiding gangsters to run the show, it will reap its reward accordingly. It’s time that Bush and the EU listened to what the people on the ground are telling them.

UPDATE – Belgrade’s B92 News Report on Carla Del Ponte HERE

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  1. Abdul-Rahim says:

    Very interesting post about something i’ve never heard of before. Interesting to think of the Serbs as victims.

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