Switzerland Here We Come!

There is currently too much attention being given to the US Primaries in the UK blogosphere. Dale is in Washington giving detailed reports from his live encounters. C Home is always big on US politics, never more so than now. Guido has found a UK angle on the Primaries showing how McCain would not meet up with Gordon (he who picks his nose in Parliament) Brown, while Politicalbetting.com has practically emigrated.

Surely all these top bloggers should be giving digi-space not exclusively to the States, however exciting and glamorous it is. Right now, they should be pointing their audiences to the appalling goings on at Westminster. Richard North of Eureferendum is ‘dahn a smowk’, he tells us yesterday – so maybe he’ll start up on this topic shortly.

Meanwhile currently alone in the universe, John Redwood is covering the non-debates on the Lisbon Constitutional Treaty on his blog www.johnredwoodsdiary.com.. He is explaining how the European Charter Of Human Rights is being incorporated into British Law without any detailed examination at all by Parliament.

I challenge anyone from any political party not to feel angry and ashamed that Parliament has been reduced so low. See The Government Tries To Silence Parliament.

With the MSM ignoring this issue, we need the full attention of our best blogs to ensure these events don’t go by unnoticed.


I attended a presentation this morning in Makati given by a youthful Political Campaign Management expert, who had many good insights. His name is Dr Louis Perron, of Perron Campaigns and he is Swiss. (Pictured – centre)


On Europe, he thought the EU had been a force for good overall, but was really pleased that his own country Switzerland was not a member! He thinks the EU has lost its way in the last 5 years and is getting arrogant.

By rushing Kosovo’s independence so quickly on the back of the Serbian elections, the EU will probably undermine the new Serbian pro-EU government, pushing it into early collapse, and sending the Serbs running back into the Russian camp. If they took their time, allowed the new government to consolidate and make some progress first, the EU might well win with Serbia. But by pressuring them into too many concessions too quickly, the EU is inviting trouble. He believed the EU was getting too arrogant to see its own weaknesses, and urgently needed to brought to its senses – like by holding elections of its top officials.

But as Richard North pointed out only yesterday, elections and the EU don’t go together.


On the US, he thinks that Hillary Clinton could win the Presidency if she wins the Democratic Nomination. The biggest group of swing voters Stateside are white, married women, says Louis. Many of these voted Republican at the last election, but with Hillary standing to be the first female President, a large number could be expected to swing back again. Louis did not think Obama would swing across as many Republican votes as Hillary, and that was his weakness.

I am sure all informed opinion agrees with Louis, but on my usual more intuitive and less informed way of thinking, Obama keeps surprising everyone by winning more support than expected, and you feel that he could go all the way, despite all the calculations of the experts. (CNN – On the Democratic side, Sen. Hillary Clinton comes away with about 41 percent of the delegates needed for the nomination while Sen. Barack Obama sits at 36 percent. CNN estimates showed Clinton earned a handful more delegates than Obama (on Super Tuesday), who surprised observers by taking states where the senator from New York had large polling leads until recently.)

The predominant thought today though has to be that, while the EU is an election-free zone, democracy in Britain is now also being brought to a state of collapse by the cynicism of Gordon Brown. If a detached non-membership status from the EU can be preserved by Switzerland, along with its vibrant democracy and economy, then the same must surely apply to Britain.

Maybe there’s a campaign message for David Cameron here – ‘Switzerland Here We Come!!!’ I’ll check it out with Louis. He might well come up with a better version.

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  1. strapworld says:


    God, even you are talking usa politics. There is NO safe home!

  2. tapestry says:

    But Strapworld I took you on a tour which visited four countries – Philippines, the UK, the US and Switzerland.

    We cannot ignore the US totally. At a quarter, I think I got the proportion about right – and certainly better than Iain Dale, who now thinks he’s an American.

    I promise not to mention it tomorrow.

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