Two Crises Seek A Resolution

Blogging will be light for a while. I apologise to readers and am disappointed myself. Unfortunately there is a problem with the new batch of allergy vaccine I have received from the UK. I am reacting to it getting various unpleasant symptoms, and I’ve been advised to stop using it subcutaneously.

The only problem is that without a daily jab, the allergies become sensitised again, and I am starting to suffer from extreme fatigue as I had when I got seriously sick two years ago when I stopped work.

Sitting down and writing on a PC is not a good thing to be doing in this state. I have to spend a lot more time now on my diet, and getting exercise every couple of hours to keep the metabolism functioning as well as I can. I will blog as and when I can, but it looks like I will have to fly back to the UK to test as to what’s happened, or if I’m lucky I could go to Singapore where there is a highly reputable allergy testing hospital.

Those that think this all sounds a likely tale and a good excuse for a lazy blogger, and who are sceptical about allergies, let me tell them that, for many, allergy vaccines are a life saver, taking stress off the nervous system, allowing hearts to recover from serious arhythmias, stomachs from disorders and numerous other forms of primary organ failure. It ain’t no joke.


That said, I notice that the Serbs are winding themselves up over Kosovo’s Independence Declaration with mass rallies this week. The whole nation is having a day off. Rail travel is free to those taking part in demonstrations.

The EU has set itself on a collision course with Serbia. I have little doubt that Serb will-power will prove stronger than that of the EU, in any protracted confrontation. The EU and the UK would do well to listen to the peaceful demonstrations of the Serbs, and engage in negotiations now, and not leave it until the situation has deteriorated.


Read an American journalist describing how Albania and Kosovo became the key Islamic state in Europe, and that they are a primary link in the worldwide Islamic terror threat. It leaves you feeling that, as in Iraq, the US has been backing the wrong side. In Iraq once the US backed the Sunnis, Al Quaeda has been progressively driven out.

In the Balkans Al Quaeda are riding supreme.

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  1. Sorry to hear your under the weather…may it pass quickly!

    All Best,

  2. tapestry says:

    thanks ff. doctor in london has got me taking the vaccine under the tongue three times a day, and it’s working – if a little expensive!

    It’s like a switch. Without it, I crumble very quickly. With it, I’m absolutely fine! Thanks for your concern.

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