The Rule Of Law Ends

See the report on the discussions on Kosovo by EU Ministers from the BBC today and think about these words-

‘Kosovo, the ministers agreed, was a unique case and did not call into question international legal principles, such as territorial integrity.’

And so with the stroke of a pen, all previous principles of international law as to the how territory can be gained or lost, which has maintained relative peace in the world for over 60 years, are swept away.

Is this the Brave New World? Laws apply to all, it seems, except the Bureaucracy that creates them.

The EU now believes itself so powerful and certain to succeed, that it can ignore the structures of the post-war world, the United Nations and eternal constitutional principles such as the Rule of Law.

By the EU’s Kosovo decision, the world has been moved into a dangerous new era, where law no longer applies, and where democratic accountability is practically non-existent. The EU will no doubt pay the price for its arrogance in time, but so too will thousands of innocent people, not only in Kosovo but in many places in the world where all that lies between hope and oblivion is the force of international law, and the influence of democracies to pressure regimes to observe civilised standards.

In Kosovo the EU has crossed The Rubicon. It is not marching on Rome, but over a constitutional precipice.

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2 Responses to “The Rule Of Law Ends”

  1. You certainly have this one right,Tap.

    Exactly how does the EU plan to ignore this as a precedent the next time it comes up?

    And the idea of creating what will, in the end amount to a basket case and a staging area and recruiting depot for criminal enterprises and jihad in Europe’s underbelly is simply breath taking in its stupidity.

    Of course, the reason the US is going along with it is obvious..the Saudis want it, so President Bush and Condi Rice are all for it.

    All Best,
    ff @ JoshuaPundit

  2. tapestry says:

    Yes ff. It shows the EU acting out of desperation. Its programme is running out of intelligent steps that it can take to keep going.

    So it starts to do stupid and dangerous stuff instead.

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